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1521 Piero di Cosimo died 1523 Signorelli died Perugino died 1524 Giovanni da Bologna born (d. 1608) 1525 Andrea della Robbia died Francia Bigio died 1528 Paolo Veronese born (d. 1588) Federigo Baroccio born (d. 1612) 1529 Giovanni della Robbia died 1531 Andrea del Sarto died 1534 Correggio died 1537 Credi died 1547 Sebastiano del Piombo died 1554 Rustici died 1556 Pontormo died Benedetto da Rovezzano died 1560 Baccio Bandinelli died 1561 Ridolfo Ghirlandaio died 1564 Michael Angelo died

Some Important Florentine Dates

1296 Foundations of the Duomo consecrated 1298 Palazzo Vecchio commenced by Arnolfo
                    di Cambio
1300 Beginning of the feuds of the Bianchi
                    and Xeri
                    Guido Cavalcanti died
1302 Dante exiled, Jan. 27 1304 Petrarch born (d. 1374) 1308 Death of Corso Donati 1312 Siege of Florence by Henry VII 1313 Boccaccio born (d. 1375) 1321 Dante died Sept. 14 (b. 1265) 1333 Destructive floods 1334 Foundations of the Campanile laid 1337 Or San Michele begun 1339 Andrea Pisano’s gates finished 1348 Black Death of the Decameron
                    Giovanni Villani died
                    (b. 1275 c.)
1360 Giovanni de’ Medici (di Bicci) born 1365 (c) Ponte Vecchio rebuilt by Taddeo Gaddi 1374 Petrarch died 1375 Boccaccio died 1376 Loggia de’ Lanzi commenced 1378 Salvestro de’ Medici elected
1389 Cosimo de’ Medici (Pater Patrise) born 1390 War with Milan 1394 Sir John Hawkwood died 1399 Competition for Baptistery Gates 1416 Piero de’ Medici (il Gottoso) born 1421 Purchase of Leghorn by Florence
                    Giovanni de’ Medici elected
                    Spedale degli Innocenti
1424 Ghiberti’s first gate set up 1429 Giovanni de’ Medici died 1432 Niccolo da Uzzano died 1433 Marsilio Ficino born
                    Cosimo de’ Medici banished,
                    Oct. 3
1434 Cosimo returned to power, Sept. 29
                    Banishment of Albizzi and
1435 Francesco Sforza visited Florence 1436 Brunelleschi’s dome completed

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