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Hark, the trumpet loudly pealing
Knocks the plaster from the ceiling,
As there marches on the course
The Jumbos of the police-force.

Clowns, and Dogs with queer expression
Have their place in this procession;
And ’tis hard for dogs, I know,
On their two hind legs to go.

Who are these with courtly manners
Bearing lofty poles and banners? 
Faithfully they represent
Followers of the tournament.

Next a line of pretty pages
Our attention close engages;
The Chinese Giant in the rear
Making them like dwarfs appear.

Here’s a funny turnout, surely,
With an Ostrich lashed securely
To a coach, Zenobia shares! 
And well the bird the burden bears!

Goats upon the mountains ramble,
And in harness sometimes amble;
But a tandem-team like this,
Is a sight you should not miss.

Through the desert Camels travel,
Speeding o’er the sand and gravel,
Bearing heavy burdens too,
Which in our land they could not do.

Here the roads are rough and stony;
And the Camel’s back’s so bony,
None but Clowns would dare to go
On them, with the Circus Show.

Goodness gracious!  Did you ever? 
Here are harnessed up quite clever
Two Giraffes!  The whip they heed;
Nor venture at a break-neck speed.

A Soldier comes!  On stilts he’s stalking! 
Back of him a Dude is walking,
Either side of him a friend
As you can see;—­and that’s the End!

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