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Upon this King Arthur arose from where he sat and all the others uprose with him and there was a great sound of loud voices; for the fame of Sir Percival had waxed very great since he had begun his adventures.  So King Arthur and the others went down the hall for to meet Sir Percival.

Then the door opened and Sir Percival came into that place, and his face shone very bright with peace and good-will; and he was exceedingly comely.

[Sidenote:  Sir Percival is received with joy] King Arthur said, “Art thou Percival?” And Percival said, “I am he.”  Thereupon King Arthur took Sir Percival’s head into his hands, and he kissed him upon the brow.  And Sir Percival kissed King Arthur’s hand and he kissed the ring of royalty upon the King’s finger, and so he became a true knight in fealty unto King Arthur.

Then Sir Percival said:  “Lord, have I thy leave to speak?” And King Arthur said, “Say on.”  Sir Percival said, “Where is Sir Lamorack?” And King Arthur said, “Yonder he is.”  Then Sir Percival perceived where Sir Lamorack stood among the others, and he went to Sir Lamorack and knelt down before him; and Sir Lamorack was very much astonished, and said:  “Why dost thou kneel to me, Percival?” Then Sir Percival said, “Dost thou know this ring?”

Then Sir Lamorack knew his father’s ring and he cried out in a loud voice:  “That is my father’s ring; how came ye by it?”

Percival said:  “Our mother gave it to me, for I am thy brother.”

[Sidenote:  Sir Percival declares himself to Sir Lamorack] Upon this Sir Lamorack cried out with great passion; and he flung his arms about Sir Percival, and he kissed him repeatedly upon the face.  And so ardent was the great love and the great passion that moved him that all those who stood about could in no wise contain themselves, but wept at that which they beheld.

Then, after a while, King Arthur said:  “Percival, come with me, for I have somewhat to show thee.”

[Sidenote:  Sir Percival is made Knight of the Round Table] So King Arthur and Sir Lamorack and Sir Percival and several others went unto that pavilion which was the pavilion of the Round Table, and there King Arthur showed Sir Percival a seat which was immediately upon the right hand of the Seat Perilous.

And upon the back of that seat there was a name emblazoned in letters of gold; and the name was this: 


Then King Arthur said:  “Behold, Sir Percival, this is thy seat, for four days ago that name appeared most miraculously, of a sudden, where thou seest it; wherefore that seat is thine.”

Then Sir Percival was aware that that name had manifested itself at the time when the Sangreal had appeared unto him in the castle of King Pecheur, and he was moved with a great passion of love and longing for the Lady Yvette; so that, because of the strength of that passion, it took upon it the semblance of a terrible joy.  And he said to himself:  “If my lady could but have beheld these, how proud would she have been!  But, doubtless, she now looketh down from Paradise and beholdeth us and all that we do.”  Thereupon he lifted up his eyes as though to behold her, but she was not there, but only the roof of that pavilion.

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