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J. Meade Falkner
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Now I hated this man, and had myself suffered something at his hand, besides seeing him put much grievous suffering on others; but I wished then with all my heart he might escape, and had a horrible dread of what was to come.  Yet I knew all the time escape was impossible; for though Maskew ran desperately, the way was steep and stony, and he had behind him some of the fleetest feet along that coast.  We had all stopped with one accord, as not wishing to move a step forward till we had seen the issue of the chase; and I was near enough to look into Elzevir’s face, but saw there neither passion nor bloodthirstiness, but only a calm resolve, as if he had to deal with something well expected.

We had not long to wait, for very soon we heard a rolling of stones and trampling of feet coming down the path, and from the darkness issued a group of men, having Maskew in the middle of them.  They were hustling him along fast, two having hold of him by the arms, and a third by the neck of his shirt behind.  The sight gave me a sick qualm, like an overdose of tobacco, for it was the first time I had ever seen a man man-handled, and a fellow-creature abused.  His cap was lost, and his thin hair tangled over his forehead, his coat was torn off, so that he stood in his waistcoat alone; he was pale, and gasped terribly, whether from the sharp run, or from violence, or fear, or all combined.

There was a babel of voices when they came up of desperate men who had a bitterest enemy in their clutch; and some shouted, ‘Club him’, ’Shoot him’, ‘Hang him’, while others were for throwing him over the cliff.  Then someone saw under the flap of his waistcoat that same silver-hafted pistol that lay so lately next the lease of the Why Not? and snatching it from him, flung it on the grass at Block’s feet.

But Elzevir’s deep voice mastered their contentions—­

’Lads, ye remember how I said when this man’s reckoning day should come ’twas I would reckon with him, and had your promise to it.  Nor is it right that any should lay hand on him but I, for is he not sealed to me with my son’s blood?  So touch him not, but bind him hand and foot, and leave him here with me and go your ways; there is no time to lose, for the light grows apace.’

There was a little muttered murmuring, but Elzevir’s will overbore them here as it had done in the vault; and they yielded the more easily, because every man knew in his heart that he would never see Maskew again alive.  So within ten minutes all were winding up the bridle-path, horses and men, all except three; for there were left upon the brambly greensward of the under-cliff Maskew and Elzevir and I, and the pistol lay at Elzevir’s feet.



Let them fight it out, friend.  Things have gone too far,
God must judge the couple:  leave them as they are—­Browning

I made as if I would follow the others, not wishing to see what I must see if I stayed behind, and knowing that I was powerless to bend Elzevir from his purpose.  But he called me back and bade me wait with him, for that I might be useful by and by.  So I waited, but was only able to make a dreadful guess at how I might be of use, and feared the worst.

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