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James Allen (author)
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Sublimely patient; infinitely compassionate; deep, silent, and pure, his very presence is a benediction; and when he speaks men ponder his words in their hearts, and by them rise to higher levels of attainment.  Such is he who has entered into the Infinite, who by the power of utmost sacrifice has solved the sacred mystery of life.

    Questioning Life and Destiny and Truth,
    I sought the dark and labyrinthine Sphinx,
    Who spake to me this strange and wondrous thing:—­
    “Concealment only lies in blinded eyes,
    And God alone can see the Form of God.”

    I sought to solve this hidden mystery
    Vainly by paths of blindness and of pain,
    But when I found the Way of Love and Peace,
    Concealment ceased, and I was blind no more: 
    Then saw I God e’en with the eyes of God.


The spirit of Love which is manifested as a perfect and rounded life, is the crown of being and the supreme end of knowledge upon this earth.

The measure of a man’s truth is the measure of his love, and Truth is far removed from him whose life is not governed by Love.  The intolerant and condemnatory, even though they profess the highest religion, have the smallest measure of Truth; while those who exercise patience, and who listen calmly and dispassionately to all sides, and both arrive themselves at, and incline others to, thoughtful and unbiased conclusions upon all problems and issues, have Truth in fullest measure.  The final test of wisdom is this,—­how does a man live?  What spirit does he manifest?  How does he act under trial and temptation?  Many men boast of being in possession of Truth who are continually swayed by grief, disappointment, and passion, and who sink under the first little trial that comes along.  Truth is nothing if not unchangeable, and in so far as a man takes his stand upon Truth does he become steadfast in virtue, does he rise superior to his passions and emotions and changeable personality.

Men formulate perishable dogmas, and call them Truth.  Truth cannot be formulated; it is ineffable, and ever beyond the reach of intellect.  It can only be experienced by practice; it can only be manifested as a stainless heart and a perfect life.

Who, then, in the midst of the ceaseless pandemonium of schools and creeds and parties, has the Truth?  He who lives it.  He who practices it.  He who, having risen above that pandemonium by overcoming himself, no longer engages in it, but sits apart, quiet, subdued, calm, and self-possessed, freed from all strife, all bias, all condemnation, and bestows upon all the glad and unselfish love of the divinity within him.

He who is patient, calm, gentle, and forgiving under all circumstances, manifests the Truth.  Truth will never be proved by wordy arguments and learned treatises, for if men do not perceive the Truth in infinite patience, undying forgiveness, and all-embracing compassion, no words can ever prove it to them.

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