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James Allen (author)
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Have you suffered much?  Have you sorrowed deeply?  Have you pondered seriously upon the problem of life?  If so, you are prepared to wage war against self, and to become a disciple of Truth.

The intellectual who do not see the necessity for giving up self, frame endless theories about the universe, and call them Truth; but do thou pursue that direct line of conduct which is the practice of righteousness, and thou wilt realize the Truth which has no place in theory, and which never changes.  Cultivate your heart.  Water it continually with unselfish love and deep-felt pity, and strive to shut out from it all thoughts and feelings which are not in accordance with Love.  Return good for evil, love for hatred, gentleness for ill-treatment, and remain silent when attacked.  So shall you transmute all your selfish desires into the pure gold of Love, and self will disappear in Truth.  So will you walk blamelessly among men, yoked with the easy yoke of lowliness, and clothed with the divine garment of humility.

    O come, weary brother! thy struggling and striving
      End thou in the heart of the Master of ruth;
    Across self’s drear desert why wilt thou be driving,
      Athirst for the quickening waters of Truth

    When here, by the path of thy searching and sinning,
      Flows Life’s gladsome stream, lies Love’s oasis green? 
    Come, turn thou and rest; know the end and beginning,
      The sought and the searcher, the seer and seen.

    Thy Master sits not in the unapproached mountains,
      Nor dwells in the mirage which floats on the air,
    Nor shalt thou discover His magical fountains
      In pathways of sand that encircle despair.

    In selfhood’s dark desert cease wearily seeking
      The odorous tracks of the feet of thy King;
    And if thou wouldst hear the sweet sound of His speaking,
      Be deaf to all voices that emptily sing.

    Flee the vanishing places; renounce all thou hast;
      Leave all that thou lovest, and, naked and bare,
    Thyself at the shrine of the Innermost cast;
      The Highest, the Holiest, the Changeless is there.

    Within, in the heart of the Silence He dwelleth;
      Leave sorrow and sin, leave thy wanderings sore;
    Come bathe in His Joy, whilst He, whispering, telleth
      Thy soul what it seeketh, and wander no more.

    Then cease, weary brother, thy struggling and striving;
      Find peace in the heart of the Master of ruth. 
    Across self’s dark desert cease wearily driving;
      Come; drink at the beautiful waters of Truth.


The world is filled with men and women seeking pleasure, excitement, novelty; seeking ever to be moved to laughter or tears; not seeking strength, stability, and power; but courting weakness, and eagerly engaged in dispersing what power they have.

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