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Amy Catherine Walton
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Though it is now so many years ago I can see that little party of friends standing together on the platform, as the train moved out of the station.  I can feel again the warm grasp of Mr. Christie’s hand, and can hear his whispered, ‘God bless you, Jack!’ I can see Mrs. Christie holding Marjorie by the hand, and waving her handkerchief to me, and can hear little Jack crying out, ‘Come back soon, do, big Mr. Jack.’  I can see Duncan bareheaded, with little John in his arms, the child waving the envelope which I had put in his hand as I stepped into the carriage, and which was still unopened.  I can see Polly wiping her eyes with her apron, and then holding it up and waving it till I was lost to sight.  I can see them all as they appeared to me that day, kind hearts and true, not one of them ranking amongst the number whom the world counts great, and yet all of them well known to Him who calleth His own sheep by name and leadeth them out.

I must just mention here that I had a very touching letter from Duncan at the end of that week.  The spelling was most wonderful, and the grammar was quite of his own making; but it was full, from end to end, of the most simple-hearted affection, and of the deepest gratitude.

‘Me, and my missus, and little John, can never be thankful enough, sir,’ he said, ’and when the other ‘Little John’ is afloat, as please God she soon will be, we hopes as how you will come and have a sail in her.’

So ended my visit to Runswick; and when I consider all that happened during those few weeks, I think it is small wonder that the little bay is still fresh in my memory, and that Ella’s yellow ragwort made me dream of it so distinctly.  For surely that month was the most important month in my life, for was it not the beginning of a new life, which, thank God, has continued ever since?

I can say to-day, even as I said then, ‘One is my Master, even Christ,’ and I can look forward, humbly but hopefully, to the time when the golden gates will open to me, and when the Master’s promise will be fulfilled to me, ‘Where I am, there shall also My servant be.’

  O Jesus Christ, my Master,
    I come to Thee to-day;
  I ask Thee to direct me
    In all I do or say: 
  I want to keep my promise
    To be Thy servant true,
  I come to Thee for orders;
    Dear Lord, what shall I do?

  I want a heart not heeding
    What others think or say;
  I want a humble spirit,
    To listen and obey. 
  To serve Thee without ceasing,
    ’Tis but a little while,—­
  My strength, the Master’s promise,
    My joy, the Master’s smile.


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