The Centralia Conspiracy eBook

Ralph Chaplin
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Start of eBook1
A Labor Case1
The Forests of the Northwest1
Lumber—­A Basic Industry2
From Pioneer to Parasite3
Stealing the People’s Forest Land3
The Triumph of Monopoly4
“Lumber-Jack” The Giant Killer7
The Factory Worker and the Lumber-Jack8
Why the Loggers Organized9
Organization and the Opening Struggle10
A Massacre and a New Law12
Industrial Heretics and the White Terror14
Autocracy vs.  Unionism15
Weathering the Storm18
Sinister Centralia18
The High Priests of Labor Hatred19
The Loved and Hated Union Hall20
Pioneers of Unionism21
The Block House and the Union Hall22
The First Centralia Hall23
The 1918 Raid24
A Lawyer—­and a Man26
Blind Tom—­A Blemish on America28
The Conspiracy Develops30
The Conspiracy—­And a Snag30
Renewed Efforts—­Legal and Otherwise31
The Employers Show Their Fangs32
Failure and Desperation33
The Maelstrom—­And Four Men34
Shadows Cast Before36
Meeting of Business Men Called for Friday Evening36
The New Black Hundred38
The Inner Circle39
The Plot Leaks Out40
To the Citizens of Centralia We Must Appeal41
The Scorpion’s Sting45
Through the Hall Window48
Wesley Everest49
Dale Hubbard50
The Night of Horrors52
The Human Fiend54
Lynching—­An American Institution55
The Man-Hunt56
Hypocrisy and Terror57
“Patriotic” Union Smashing58
Vanderveer’s Opening Speech59
A Labor Movement on Trial60
The Two Raids62
Patience No Longer a Virtue63
Vanderveer’s Closing Argument64
The Lumber Trust Wins the Jury68
Labor’s Verdict69
Wesley Everest72
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