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The derisive tone deepened in Jane’s voice as she answered, “No I will not.  I’ll make no such babyish promise—­to you of all people—­because I wouldn’t keep it if I did make it.”

“Then,” said Agony firmly, “I’ll do just as we do in school with the honor system.  I’ll give you three days to tell Mrs. Grayson yourself, and if you haven’t done it by the end of that time I’ll tell her myself.  What you are doing is a bad example for the younger girls, and Mrs. Grayson ought to know about it.”

Jane’s only reply was a mocking laugh as she brushed past Agony and went in the direction of her tent.



“Miss Amesbury wants us to go off on a canoe trip with her,” announced Agony, rushing up to the Winnebagos after Craft Hour the next morning.

“Wants who to go on a canoe trip with her?” demanded Sahwah in excitement.

“Why, us, the Winnebagos,” replied Agony.  “Just us, and Jo Severance.  She wants to take a canoe trip up the river, but she doesn’t want to go with the whole camp when they go because there will be too much noise and excitement.  She wants a quieter trip, but she doesn’t want to go all alone, so she has asked Dr. Grayson if she may take us girls.  He said she might.  We’re to start this afternoon, right after dinner, and be gone over night; maybe two nights.”

“O Agony!” breathed Migwan in ecstacy, falling upon Agony’s neck and hugging her rapturously.  “It’s all due to you.  If you hadn’t done that splendid thing we wouldn’t be half as popular as we are.  We’re sharing your glory with you.”  She smiled fondly into Agony’s eyes and squeezed her hand heartily.  “Good old Agony,” she murmured.

Agony smiled back mechanically and returned the squeeze with only a slight pressure.  “Nonsense,” she replied with emphasis.  “It isn’t on account of what—­I—­did at all that she has asked you.  It’s because you serenaded her the other evening.  That was your doing, Migwan.”

“But we wouldn’t have ventured to serenade her if she hadn’t been so friendly with you,” replied Migwan, “so it amounts to the same thing in the end.  That’s the way it has always been with us Winnebagos, hasn’t it?  What one does always helps the rest of us.  Sahwah’s swimming has made us all famous; and so has Gladys’s dancing and Katherine’s speechifying.”

“And your writing,” put in Hinpoha.  “Don’t forget that Indian legend of yours that brought the spotlight down upon us in our freshman year.  That was really the making of us.  No matter what one of us does, the others all share in the glory.”

A tiny shiver went down Agony’s back.  “And I suppose,” she added casually, “if one of us were to disgrace herself the others would share the disgrace.”

“We certainly would,” said Sahwah with conviction.

Agony turned away with a dry feeling in her throat and walked soberly to her tent to prepare for the canoe trip.

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