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The obsequies were, therefore, of the very first class.  There were responsories in the house, and in the street three friars officiated, as though one were not sufficient for such a great soul.  All the rites and ceremonies possible were performed, and it is reported that there were even extras, as in the benefits for actors.  It was indeed a delight:  loads of incense were burned, there were plenty of Latin chants, large quantities of holy water were expended, and Padre Irene, out of regard for his old friend, sang the Dies Irae in a falsetto voice from the choir, while the neighbors suffered real headaches from so much knell-ringing.

Dona Patrocinio, the ancient rival of Capitan Tiago in religiosity, actually wanted to die on the next day, so that she might order even more sumptuous obsequies.  The pious old lady could not bear the thought that he, whom she had long considered vanquished forever, should in dying come forward again with so much pomp.  Yes, she desired to die, and it seemed that she could hear the exclamations of the people at the funeral:  “This indeed is what you call a funeral!  This indeed is to know how to die, Dona Patrocinio!”



The death of Capitan Tiago and Basilio’s imprisonment were soon reported in the province, and to the honor of the simple inhabitants of San Diego, let it be recorded that the latter was the incident more regretted and almost the only one discussed.  As was to be expected, the report took on different forms, sad and startling details were given, what could not be understood was explained, the gaps being filled by conjectures, which soon passed for accomplished facts, and the phantoms thus created terrified their own creators.

In the town of Tiani it was reported that at least, at the very least, the young man was going to be deported and would very probably be murdered on the journey.  The timorous and pessimistic were not satisfied with this but even talked about executions and courts-martial—­January was a fatal month; in January the Cavite affair had occurred, and they [65] even though curates, had been garroted, so a poor Basilio without protectors or friends—­

“I told him so!” sighed the Justice of the Peace, as if he had at some time given advice to Basilio.  “I told him so.”

“It was to be expected,” commented Sister Penchang.  “He would go into the church and when he saw that the holy water was somewhat dirty he wouldn’t cross himself with it.  He talked about germs and disease, aba, it’s the chastisement of God!  He deserved it, and he got it!  As though the holy water could transmit diseases!  Quite the contrary, aba!

She then related how she had cured herself of indigestion by moistening her stomach with holy water, at the same time reciting the Sanctus Deus, and she recommended the remedy to those present when they should suffer from dysentery, or an epidemic occurred, only that then they must pray in Spanish: 

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