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Aas; ace. 
Aduocacions; Latin advocationis, assembly of advocates, the bar. 
Agaynesaynge; gain-saying. 
Alphyns.  The alphin, or elephant, was the piece answering to the bishop
   in the modern game of chess. 
Ameruaylled; astonished. 
Ample, ampole; Latin ampulla, vessel for holding liquids. 
Ancellys; Latin ancilla, handmaids, concubines. 
Appertly; openly. 
Appetissid; satisfied, satiated. 
Ardautly [ardantly]; ardently. 
Arrache; French arracher, to pull, to pluck.

Auenture; adventure. 
Axe; ask.

Barate; trouble, suffering. 
Beaulte; beauty. 
Benerous; French benir, blessed. 
Besaunt; besant, a Byzantine gold coin. 
Beneurte; French bonheur, good fortune. 
Bole; bull. 
Bourdellys; brothels, stews. 
Butters; freebooters. 
Butyn; French butin, plunder, spoils.

Chamberyer; Chambrere; woman servant, concubine. 
Chequer; chefs-board. 
Chauffed; French echauffer, to warm. 
Compaignon; French compagnon, companion. 
Connynge; cunning, knowledge. 
Corrompith; French corrompre, to corrupt. 
Couenable; French convenable, proper, fit. 
Courrours; French coureurs, runners, messengers. 
Curatours; guardians, trustees.

Dampned; condemned. 
Debonairly; debonairte, French de ban air, in a good manner, with good
Depesshed; French depecher, defpatched. 
Deporte; deport. 
Devour; French devoir, duty. 
Dismes; Latin decimal, tenths, or tithes. 
Disobeyfance; disobedience. 
Difpendynge; spending. 
Distemprance; intemperance. 
Dolabre; Latin dolabra, axe, pick-axe. 
Doubted; redoubted, of doughty. 
Drawhtes; draughts, movements. 
Drof; drove. 
Dronkelewe; drunkenness. 
Dronkenshyp; drunkenness. 
Dyse; dice.

Enbrasid; embraced. 
Enpessheth; French empecher, to forbid. 
Enpoigne; French empoigner, to take in hand. 
Enfeygned; French enfeigner, to teach. 
Eschauffed; French echauffer, to warm. 
Esmoued; French emouvoir, to move. 
Espicers; French epicier. 
Espryfed; French epris, taken. 
Ewrous, in; French heureuse, happy.

Feet; French fait, act, feat. 
Ferremens.  See Serremens. 
Flessly; fleshily. 
Folelarge; prodigal, extravagant. 
Fumee; French fumee, smoke, vapour. 
Garnyfche; garnish, adorn, set off. 
Genere; general. 
Goddes man; godsman, saint or religious person. 
Gossibs; gossyb; gossips, gossip. 
Gree; French gre, liking. 
Grucche; grudge. 
Guarisshors; French guerir, to cure.

Hauoyr; French avoir, possessions. 
Herberowe; harbour. 
Historiagraph; historian. 
Hoos; hoarse.

Iape; jape, trick.

Jolye, lvii; fine (French joli).

Keruars; carvers.

Langed; belonged. 
Latrocynye; Latin latrocinium. 
Lecherye; lechery. 
Letted; prevented.

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