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[Footnote 42:  This dedication is omitted in the second edition.]

[Footnote 43:  Second edit. reads “Thossyce of notaries/ aduocates scriueners and drapers and clothmakers capitulo iii”]

[Footnote 44:  Sec. edit. reads “The forme of phisiciens leches spycers and appotycaryes”]

[Footnote 45:  Sec. edit.  “Of tauerners hostelers & vitaillers”]

[Footnote 46:  Sec. edit.  “Of kepers of townes Receyuers of custum and tollenars”]

[Footnote 47:  Sec. edit.  “Of messagers currours Rybauldes and players at the dyse”]

[Footnote 48:  “democrite” in the sec. edit.]

[Footnote 49:  “beclyppe” in sec. edit.]

[Footnote 50:  “demotene” in sec. edit.]

[Footnote 51:  “demostenes” in sec. edit.]

[Footnote 52:  “blisful” in the sec. edit.—­The reading of the first edition is evidently a misprint.]

[Footnote 53:  Sec. edit. “buneuentayns.”]

[Footnote 54:  sec. edit, “y nough.”]

[Footnote 55:  sec. edit. “by the martel or hamer.”]

[Footnore 55:  “And therfore &c.” to the end, is wanting in the second edition, and, instead thereof, the treatife concludes in the following manner—­

“Thenne late euery man of what condycion he be that redyth or herith this litel book redde take therby enfaumple to amende hym.

Explicit per Caxton.”]


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