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Jonathon Oldbuck on the Game of Chess, 1474
The First Edition:  copies in libraries and at sales
Where was it printed? 
Caxton’s account of the translation
The Second Edition:  copies in libraries and at sales
Ferron and De Vignay’s “Jeu d’Echecs”
Jacques de Cessoles:  “Liber de Moribus hominum”
Sermons on Chess
AEgidius Romanus, his life and his book:  “De Regimine Principum”
Occleve’s imitation
William Caxton as a translator
Bibliography of the Chess Book: 
  Ferron and De Vignay
  Conrad van Ammenhaufen
  Heinrich von Beringen
  The scope and language of the Chess-book
  Authors quoted and named
  Biblical names and allusions
  Xerxes the inventor of Chess! 
  John the monk
  Truphes of the Philosophers
  Classical allusions
  Mediaeval allusions and stories
  John of Ganazath
  St. Bernard
  The dishonest trader
  The drunken hermit
  A violent remedy
  Murder of Nero
  Theodorus Cyrenaicus
  Democritus of Abdera
  Socrates disguised
  Didymus and raised letters for the blind
  Shaksperean etymology
  Caxton at Ghent
  The history of Chess
  The ethical aim of the writer of the Chess-book


Dedication to the Duke of Clarence

Prologue to second edition


   This booke conteyneth. iiii. traytees/ The first traytee is of the
   Invencion of this playe of the chesse/ and conteyneth. iii.

   The first chapitre is under what kynge this play was founden.

   The .ii. chapitre/ who fonde this playe.

   The .iii. chapitre/ treteth of. iii. causes why hit was made and


   The seconde traytee treteth of the chesse men/ and
   conteyneth .v. chapitres.

   The first chapitre treteth of the forme of a kynge and of suche
   thinges as apperteyn to a kynge.

   The .ii. chapitre treteth of y’e quene & her forme & maners.

   The .iii. chapitre of the forme of the alphins and her offices and

   The .iiii. chapitre is of the knygth and of his offices.

   The .v. is of the rooks and of their maners and offices.


   The thirde traytee is of the offices of the comyn peple And hath
   .viii. chapitres.

   The first chapitre is of the labourers & tilinge of the erthe.

   The .ii. of smythis and other werkes in yron & metall.

   The .iii. is of drapers and makers of cloth & notaries.

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