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This account, I flatter myself, will satisfy the curiosity of my readers, and the few facts which I have related will be considered as a certain proof of the exigence of this pernicious tree, and its penetrating effects.

If it be asked why we have not yet any more satisfactory accounts of this tree, I can only answer, that the object to most travellers to that part of the world consists more in commercial pursuits than in the study of Natural History and the advancement of Sciences.  Besides, Java is so universally reputed an unhealthy island, that rich travellers seldom make any long stay in it; and others want money, and generally are too ignorant of the language to travel, in order to make enquiries.  In future, those who visit this island will probably now be induced to make it an object of their researches, and will furnish us with a fuller description of this tree.

I will therefore only add, that there exists also a sort of Cajoe-Upat on the coast of Macassar, the poison of which operates nearly in the same manner, but is not half so violent or malignant as that of Java, and of which I shall likewise give a more circumstantial account in a description of that island.—­London Magazine.



Group of insects—­Tender husband—­Self-admirer—­Rival lovers—­Coquet —­Platonic wife—­Monster-husband—­Rural happiness—­Clandestine marriage —­Sympathetic lovers—­Ninon d’Enclos—­Harlots—­Giants—­Mr. Wright’s paintings—­Thalestris Autumnal scene—­Dervise procession—­Lady in full dress—­Lady on a precipice—­Palace in the sea—­Vegetable lamb—­Whale—­ Sensibility—­Mountain-scene by night—­Lady drinking water—­Lady and cauldron—­Medea and AEson—­Forlorn nymph Galatea on the sea—­Lady frozen to a statue


Air-balloon of Mongolfier—­Arts of weaving and spinning—­Arkwright’s cotton mills—­Invention of letters, figures and crotchets—­Mrs. Delany’s paper-garden—­Mechanism of a watch, and design for its case—­Time, hours, moments—­Transformation of Nebuchadnazer—­St. Anthony preaching to fish Sorceress—­Miss Crew’s drawing—­Song to May—­Frost scene—­Discovery of the bark—­Moses striking the rock—­Dropsy—­Mr. Howard and prisons


Witch and imps in a church—­Inspired Priestess—­Fusseli’s night-mare—­Cave of Thor and subterranean Naiads—­Medea and her children—­Palmira weeping Group of wild creatures drinking—­Poison tree of Java—­Time and hours—­Lady shot in battle—­Wounded deer—­Harlots—­Laocoon and his sons—­Drunkards and diseases—­Prometheus and the vulture—­Lady burying her child in the plague Moses concealed on the Nile—­Slavery of the Africans—­Weeping Muse


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