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Headquarters moved to Holly springs—­general M’CLERNAND in command
—­assuming command at Young’s point—­operations above Vicksburg
—­fortifications about Vicksburg—­the canal—­lake Providence
—­operations at Yazoo pass.

This interruption in my communications north—­I was really cut off from communication with a great part of my own command during this time —­resulted in Sherman’s moving from Memphis before McClernand could arrive, for my dispatch of the 18th did not reach McClernand.  Pemberton got back to Vicksburg before Sherman got there.  The rebel positions were on a bluff on the Yazoo River, some miles above its mouth.  The waters were high so that the bottoms were generally overflowed, leaving only narrow causeways of dry land between points of debarkation and the high bluffs.  These were fortified and defended at all points.  The rebel position was impregnable against any force that could be brought against its front.  Sherman could not use one-fourth of his force.  His efforts to capture the city, or the high ground north of it, were necessarily unavailing.

Sherman’s attack was very unfortunate, but I had no opportunity of communicating with him after the destruction of the road and telegraph to my rear on the 20th.  He did not know but what I was in the rear of the enemy and depending on him to open a new base of supplies for the troops with me.  I had, before he started from Memphis, directed him to take with him a few small steamers suitable for the navigation of the Yazoo, not knowing but that I might want them to supply me after cutting loose from my base at Grenada.

On the 23d I removed my headquarters back to Holly Springs.  The troops were drawn back gradually, but without haste or confusion, finding supplies abundant and no enemy following.  The road was not damaged south of Holly Springs by Van Dorn, at least not to an extent to cause any delay.  As I had resolved to move headquarters to Memphis, and to repair the road to that point, I remained at Holly Springs until this work was completed.

On the 10th of January, the work on the road from Holly Springs to Grand Junction and thence to Memphis being completed, I moved my headquarters to the latter place.  During the campaign here described, the losses (mostly captures) were about equal, crediting the rebels with their Holly Springs capture, which they could not hold.

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