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W. MILLER. The Balkans. 1896. (Story of the Nations.) The best general text-book. 5s.

W. MILLER. The Ottoman Empire, 1801-1913. 1913. (Cambridge Historical Series.) An excellent book, with a misleading title; it is really a history of the Balkan Christians, with special reference to the Greeks.  Turkish history is only introduced incidentally. 7s. 6d. net.

EMILE DE LAVELEYE. The Balkan Peninsula. 1887. (Out of print,) By a distinguished Belgian professor, who was in his day recognised as an authority on Balkan questions.

LEOPOLD VON RANKE. History of Servia. 3s. 6d. (Bohn’s Library.) This brilliant and sympathetic study by the greatest of German historians is of permanent value.

SIR ARTHUR J. EVANS. Through Bosnia on Foot. 1877. (Out of print.) The distinguished archaeologist took part, as a young man, in the Bosnian rising against the Turks.

R.W.  SETON-WATSON. The Southern Slav Question and the Habsburg Monarchy. 1911. 12s. 0d. net. (Greatly modified and extended in a German edition published in 1913.)

R.W.  SETON-WATSON. Absolutism in Croatia. 1912. 2s. net.

CEDO MIJATOVIC. Servia of the Servians. 1911. 16s. net.

ELODIE MIJATOVIC. Serbian Folklore.. 1874.


SIR CHARLES ELIOT (ODYSSEUS). Turkey in Europe. 2nd ed. 7s. 6d. net.

H.N.  BRAILSFORD. Macedonia. 1906. 12s. 6d. net.

LUIGI VILLARI AND OTHERS. The Balkan Question. 1905. 10s. 6d. net.



“God will save Russia as He has saved her many times.  Salvation will come from the people, from their faith and their meekness.  Fathers and teachers, watch over the people’s faith, and this will not be a dream.  I have been amazed all my life in our great people by their dignity, their true and seemly dignity.  I have seen it myself, I can testify to it; I have seen it and marvelled at it; I have seen it in spite of the degraded sins and poverty-stricken appearance of our peasantry.  They are not servile; and, even after two centuries of serfdom, they are free in manner and bearing,—­yet without insolence, and not revengeful and not envious.  ’You are rich and noble, you are clever and talented, well be so, God bless you.  I respect you, but I know that I too am a man.  By the very fact that I respect you without envy I prove my dignity as a man....’

“God will save His people, for Russia is great in her humility.  I dream of seeing, and seem to see clearly already, our future.  It will come to pass that even the most corrupt of our rich will end by being ashamed of his riches before the poor; and the poor, seeing his humility, will understand and give way before him, will respond joyfully and kindly to his honourable shame.  Believe me that

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