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H.A.L.  FISHER. Napoleonic Statesmanship:  Germany. 1903. (12s. 6d.) (Germany in the Napoleonic era.)

SEELEY. Life of Stein. 1878. 3 vols. (30s.) (The standard work in English on reorganisation of Prussia after Napoleon.)

BISMARCK. Reflections and Reminiscences. (The guiding mind in Germany, 1862-1888.) 2 vols. 1898. (Can only be bought second-hand.)

HEADLAM. Life of Bismarck. 1899. (6s.) (Heroes of the Nations.)

HOLLAND. Germany to the Present Day. 1913. (2s. net.) A useful short history if supplemented by other books.

POWICKE. Bismarck. 1914. (6d.) (People’s Books.) (Excellent.) The two great modern German historians are Treitschke and Sybel, for whom see Gooch’s History and Historians in the Nineteenth Century, pp. 140-53.  Treitschke’s history is not available in English:  Sybel’s has been translated under the title, The Founding of the German Empire by William I. vols., New York, 1890-1891.


BUeLOW. Imperial Germany. 1914. (2s. net.) (The mind of the German

SAUNDERS. The Last of the Huns. 1914. (1s. net.) (In spite of its objectionable title this volume, by the late correspondent of the Times in Berlin, is written with fairness and lucidity, and contains much valuable information.)

HENRI LICHTENBERGER. Germany and its Evolution in Modern Times. 1913. (10s. 6d net.) (Translated from the French:  suggestive, especially on economic questions and on the movements of German thought.)

W.H.  DAWSON. The Evolution of Modern Germany. 1908. (5s. net.) (The best general account of modern Germany in English.)

C. TOWER. Germany of To-day. 1913.  Home University Library. (Is.) (Good.)

C. SAROLEA. The Anglo-German Problem. (2s.) (A useful popular account of German political conditions and German policy.)

Board of Education Special Reports, vols. iii. and ix. (3s. 3d. and 2s. 7d.) Articles by Dr. M.E.  Sadler on German Education.

Memoirs of Prince Hohenlohe. (Imperial Chancellor, 1894-1900.) 2 vols. 1906. (24s. net.)

The Britannica War Books. Germany. (2s. 6d. net.) By W. Alison Phillips and J.W.  Headlam. (A somewhat carelessly abridged reprint from the standard article in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.)


H.S.  CHAMBERLAIN. The foundations of the Nineteenth Century.  English translation. 2 vols. 1910. (25s. net.) (This book had an immense vogue in Germany, and was particularly recommended by the Kaiser to his subjects.  It is full of interesting, if ill-founded, generalisations tending to emphasise the importance of Race and to glorify the German race.)

THOMAS. German Literature. (6s.)

ROBERTSON. German Literature. 1914.  Home University Library. (1s.)

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