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John Lord
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The Crimean war.

Origin of the Russians. 
Extension of Russian conquests. 
Conquests of Catherine I.
Conquests of Alexander I.
Conquests of Nicholas. 
Treaty of Adrianople. 
Ambition and aims of Nicholas. 
His character. 
Prince Mentchikof. 
Lord Stratford. 
Causes of the Crimean War. 
England and France in alliance with Turkey. 
Occupation by Russia of the Danubian provinces. 
War declared. 
Lord Palmerston. 
Lord Aberdeen. 
Lord Raglan. 
Marshal Saint-Arnaud. 
English and French at Varna. 
Invasion of the Crimea. 
Battle of Alma. 
Colonel Todleben. 
Siege of Sebastopol. 
Battle of Balaklava. 
“The Light Brigade”. 
“The Heavy Brigade”. 
Battle of Inkerman. 
Horrors of the siege. 
General disasters. 
Florence Nightingale. 
Sardinia joins the allies. 
Assault of Sebastopol. 
Death of Lord Raglan. 
Treaty of Paris. 
Indecisive results of the war. 
The Eastern Question.


The second empire.

Fortunes and adventures of Louis Napoleon. 
The political agitations of 1848. 
Louis Napoleon, President of the French Republic. 
His Ministers. 
The Coup d’Etat. 
Usurpation of Louis Napoleon. 
His tools. 
His enemies. 
Hostility of the leading statesmen of France. 
Character of Louis Napoleon. 
The Crimean War. 
Alliance of France and England. 
Lord Palmerston. 
Stability of the Empire. 
Prosperity of France. 
Public Works. 
Splendid successes of Napoleon III. 
War with Austria. 
Peace of Villa-Franca. 
Improvements of Paris. 
Mexican War. 
Archduke Maxmilian. 
Humiliations and shifts of Louis Napoleon. 
War with Germany. 
Indecision and incapacity of Louis Napoleon. 
Battle of Worth. 
Marshal Bazaine. 
Battle of Sedan. 
Fall of Napoleon III. 
Calamities of France.


The German empire.

Humiliation of Prussia. 
Her great deliverers. 
Baron von Stein. 
His financial genius. 
His intense hatred of Napoleon. 
His great reforms. 
Disgrace of Stein. 
Prince Hardenberg. 
Baron von Humboldt. 
New military organization. 
Frederick William III. 
German Confederation,
Diet of Frankfort. 
Reaction of liberal sentiments. 
Influence of Metternich. 
Frederick William IV. 
Rise of Bismarck. 
Early days. 
His unpopularity. 
Diplomatist at the Diet of Frankfort. 
Ambassador at St. Petersburg. 
Death of Frederick William IV. 
Bismarck, Prime Minister. 

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