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John Lord
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Universal weariness of war on the fall of Napoleon
Peace broken by the revolt of the Spanish colonies
Agitation of political ideas
Causes of the Greek Revolution
Apathy of the Great Powers
State of Greece on the outbreak of the revolution
Character of the Greeks
His successes
Atrocities of the Turks
Universal rising of the Greeks
Siege of Tripolitza
Reverses of the Greeks
Prince Mavrokordatos
Ali Pasha
The massacres at Chios
Admiral Miaulis
Marco Bozzaris
Chourchid Pasha
Deliverance of the Mona
Greeks take Napoli di Romania
Great losses of the Greeks
Renewed efforts of the Sultan
Dissensions of the Greek leaders
Arrival of Lord Byron
Interest kindled for the Greek cause in England
London loans
Siege and fall of Missolonghi
Interference of Great Powers
Ibraham Pasha
Battle of Navarino
Greek independence
Capo d’Istrias
Otho, King of Greece
Results of the Greek Revolution


The citizen king
Elevation of Louis Philippe
His character
Casimir Perier
Disordered state of France
Suppression of disorders
Consolidation of royal power
Marshal Soult
Fortification of Paris
Siege of Antwerp
Public improvements
First ministry of Thiers
First ministry of Count Mole
Storming of Constantine
Railway mania
Death of Talleyrand
Russian and Turkish wars
Treaty of Unkiar-Skelessi
Second administration of Thiers
Removal of Napoleon’s remains
Guizot, Prime Minister
Guizot as historian
Conquest of Algeria
Death of the Due d’Orleans
The Spanish marriages
Progress of corruption
General discontents
Dethronement of Louis Philippe
His inglorious flight


Volume IX.

Napoleon Insists that Pope Pius VII.  Shall Crown Him
After the painting by Jean Paul Laurens.

Louis XVI.
After the painting by P. Dumenil, Gallery of Versailles.

Murder of Marat by Charlotte Corday
After the painting by J. Weerts.

Edmund Burke
After the painting by J. Barry, Dublin National Gallery.

After the painting by Paul Delaroche.

“1807,” Napoleon at Friedland After the painting by E. Meissonier.

Napoleon Informs Empress Josephine of His Intention to
Divorce Her
After the painting by Eleuterio Pagliano.

George IV. of England
After the painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence, Rome.

The Congress of Vienna
After the drawing by Jean Baptiste Isabey.

Daniel O’Connell
After the painting by Doyle, National Gallery, Dublin.

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