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I. H. Co.

I continually recommend the saltless “Granose” as a dextrinised cereal.  The International Health Association is a most useful institution to both extremes of the food reform movement.  The unfired feeder enjoys Granose Biscuit with his salad, while the beginner who thinks longingly of his flesh food is consoled by Protose and Nuttolene.

Keen, Robinson & Co.

Robinson’s Barley is excellent for making barley water quickly, and the groats are very much to be preferred to the ordinary loose fine oatmeal which inevitably contains a quantity of dust, and through exposure acquires a bitter taste.  Robinson’s Groats is specially prepared oatmeal put up in tins.

Manhu Food Co., Ltd.

The cereal foods of this Company are particularly valuable to those whose digestive powers are weak.  Being rolled or flaked they are very easily cooked.  In some of the foods the starch has been changed so that sufferers from diabetes may use them.

Mapleton’s Nut Foods.

Their Nutter is quite the best vegetable cooking fat on the market.  An objection to vegetable cooking fats, often cited by cooks, is their hardness, which makes them difficult to use for pastry.  But Nutter is as soft as ordinary butter.  The nut table butters are also very good, especially the uncoloured varieties labelled “Wallaceite.”

National Anti-Vaccination League.

At first sight it may not seem that anti-vaccination has anything in common with Food Reform.  But anti-vaccination is concerned with healthy living of which pure feeding is a part.  The above League is doing a great educational work.

Pitman Health Food Co.

This firm is extremely enterprising and is managed by a most enthusiastic Food Reformer.  The several varieties of their “Vegsal” soups are very good and particularly useful to the cook who is pressed for time.

Salutaris Water Co., Ltd.

Salutaris Water is pure distilled water the use of which is, in my opinion, of very great importance.  This subject is discussed at length in my little book “Distilled Water.”

G. Savage & Sons.

This firm has done and is doing a special and excellent work for Food Reform.  Besides being an up-to-date stores, they are the proprietors of many very good preparations such as then “Nu-Era” wholemeal flour and unpolished rice, Minerva olive oil, powder-o-nuts (rissole mixture), etc.  They pay carriage on 5/- orders and upwards.


The founder of the fruit stores was known as the “Fruit King,” and the present proprietor maintains the same standard of excellence.  In addition he has established a health stores and restaurant.  And I am pleased to note that he has made arrangements to supply the special kitchen utensils needed by the Food Reform cook.

Wallace P.R.  Foods.

These, although the last on the list, are not the least in point of value.  The Wallace Bakery is the only one in existence which supplies bread, cakes, etc., made with very fine wholemeal flour, and entirely free from yeast and baking powder.  The firm also supplies jams, marmalade, etc., made with fruit and cane sugar, and entirely free from preservatives.

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