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A sufficient breakfast may consist simply of bread and nut butter, with the addition of an apple or other fresh fruit.  A good substitute for tea and coffee is a fruit soup.  Where porridge and milk are taken, this would probably not be needed.  Eggs, cooked tomatoes, marmalade, and grated nuts are all welcome additions.


If tea is taken, let it be as weak as possible.  Do not let it stand for more than three minutes after making, but pour it immediately off from the leaves into another pot.  See that the latter is hot.

Some of the simpler savoury dishes (omelets, etc.) may be taken at this meal if desired.  Also lentil and nut pastes, salads, Wallace cheese, raisin bread, oatcake, sweet cakes and biscuits, jams, etc.


SUNDAY.—­Hot nut roast and brown gravy; steamed potatoes and cabbage; fruit tart and custard.

MONDAY.—­Cold nut roast and salad; bubble and squeak; plain pudding and golden syrup.

TUESDAY.—­Haricot rissoles and tomato sauce; baked potatoes; milk pudding and stewed fruit, or apple and tapioca pudding.

WEDNESDAY.—­Lentil soup; jam roll.

THURSDAY.—­Lentil soup; fig pudding.

FRIDAY.—­Hot pot; roasted pine kernels; steamed potatoes and cauliflowers; railway pudding.

SATURDAY.  Irish stew; boiled rice and stewed prunes.

SUNDAY.  Vegetable stew; batter pudding; steamed potatoes and cauliflower; summer pudding.

MONDAY.  Stewed lentils; baked tomatoes or onions, and saute potatoes; milk pudding and stewed fruit.

TUESDAY.—­Stewed celery or other vegetable in season; roasted pine kernels; mashed potatoes; apple dumplings.

WEDNESDAY.—­Barley broth; treacle pudding.

THURSDAY.—­Barley broth; Bombay pudding.

FRIDAY.—­Macaroni and tomatoes; chip potatoes; nut pastry.

SATURDAY.—­Toad-in-the-hole; baked potatoes; jam tart.

NOTE.  The same soup is indicated on two consecutive days in order to save labour.  Few persons object to the same dish twice if it is not to be repeated again for some time.  And unless the family be very large, it is as easy to make enough soup for two days as for one.


Almonds, Roasted
Apple, Charlotte
  and Tapioca
Apples, Stewed
Barley Broth
  Cream of
Barley Water
Batter Pudding
Beef Tea Substitute
Bombay Pudding
Bread, Cold Water
  Hot Water
  Twice Bated
Bread and Fruit Pudding
Broad Beans
Browning for Gravies and Sauces
Brussels Sprouts
Bubble and Squeak
Buttered Eggs
  Rice and Peas

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