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The best recipe for ordinary use allows 3/4 lb. sugar to each pound fruit.  Put the fruit in the pan with a little of the sugar, and when this boils, add the rest.  Boil rather quickly for an hour.  Keep well skimmed.  Pour into hot, dry jars, and cover.


For small, open tarts, the following mixture is a good substitute for the lemon curd that goes to make cheese cakes.  Peel, core and quarter some juicy apples.  Put in a double saucepan (or covered jar) with some strips of lemon peel (yellow part only) and cane sugar to taste.  Cook slowly to a pulp and, when cold, remove the lemon rind.  Grate finely, or mill some Brazil nuts.  Mix apple pulp and ground nut together in such proportions as to make a mixture of the consistency of stiff jam.  Fill tarts with mixture and sprinkle top with ground nut.  It must be used the same day as made.


To every pound of fresh fruit allow 1/2 lb. dates.  Wash the fruit, put it in the preserving pan, and heat slowly, stirring well to draw out the juice.  Wash and stone the dates.  Add to the fruit, and simmer very gently for 45 minutes.  Put immediately into clean, hot, dry jars, and tie on parchment covers at once.


1 lb. lump sugar, 3 lemons (the rinds of 2 grated), yolks of 6 eggs, 1/4 lb. butter.

Put the butter into a clean saucepan; melt, but do not let it boil.  Add the sugar, and stir until it is dissolved.  Then add the beaten yolks, and, lastly, the grated lemon rind and juice.  Stir over a slow fire until the mixture looks like honey and becomes thick.  Put into jars, cover, and tie down as for jam.


To 1 large Seville orange (if small, count 3 as 2) allow 3/4 lb. cane sugar and 3/4 pint water.  Wash and brush oranges, remove pips, cut peel into fine shreds (better still, put through a mincer).  Put all to soak in the water for 24 hours.  Boil until rinds are soft.  Stand another 24 hours.  Add the sugar, and boil until marmalade jellies.  If preferred, half sweet and half Seville oranges may be used.


Peel the marrow, remove seeds, and cut into dice.  To each pound of marrow allow 1 lb. cane sugar; to every 3 lbs. of marrow allow the juice and grated yellow part of rind of 1 lemon and 1/2 a level teaspoon ground ginger.  Put the marrow into the preserving pan, sprinkle well with some of the sugar, and stand for 12 hours.  Add the rest of the sugar, and boil slowly for 2 hours.  Add the lemon juice, rind, and ginger at the end of 1-1/2 hours.


1.  SALAD.

Lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and cress, cucumber, olive or walnut oil, lemon juice.

Wash the green stuff and finely shred it.  Peel the cucumber, skin the tomatoes (if ripe, the skins will come away easily) and cut into thin slices.  Place in the bowl in alternate layers.  Let the top layer be lettuce with a few slices of tomato for garnishing.  Slices of hard-boiled egg may be added if desired.

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