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Peel and stalk the mushrooms.  Examine them carefully for maggots.  Fry in just enough nutter to prevent them sticking to the pan.  Cook until quite tender.  Pile on a warm, deep dish.  Slice the tomatoes and fry in the same pan, taking care not to add more nutter than is absolutely necessary.  When tender, arrange the tomato slices round and on the mushrooms.  Pour a tablespoonful or more, according to the amount cooked, of hot water into the pan.  Stir well and boil up.  Pour the gravy formed over the mushrooms, and serve.


For nut-cookery, a nut mill or food chopper of some kind is necessary.  A tiny food chopper, which can be regulated to chop finely or coarsely as required, may be bought for 3s. at most food-reform stores.  It also has an attachment which macerates the nuts so as to produce “nut butter.”  The larger size at 5s. is the more convenient for ordinary use.  If only one machine can be afforded, the food chopper should be the one chosen, as it can also be used for vegetables, breadcrumbs, etc.  The nut-mill proper flakes the nuts, it will not macerate them, and is useful for nuts only.  But flaked nuts are a welcome and pretty addition to fruit salads, stewed fruits, etc.

If the nuts to be milled or ground clog the machine, put them in a warm oven until they just begin to change colour.  Then let them cool, and they will be found crisp and easy to work.  But avoid doing this if possible, as it dries up the valuable nut oil.


2 breakfast cups bread-crumbs, 2 medium Spanish onions, or 2 tomatoes, 2 breakfast cups ground nuts, nutter.

Any shelled nuts may be used for this roast.  Some prefer one kind only; others like them mixed.  Almonds, pine-kernels, new Brazil nuts, and new walnuts are nice alone.  Old hazel nuts and walnuts are nicer mixed with pine-kernels.  A good mixture is one consisting of equal quantities of blanched almonds, walnuts, hazel nuts, and pine-kernels; where strict economy is a consideration, peanuts may be used.  Put a few of each kind alternately into the food chopper and grind until you have enough to fill two cups.  Mix with the same quantity breadcrumbs.  Grate the onions, discard all tough pieces, using the soft pulp and juice only with which to mix the nuts and crumbs to a very stiff paste.  If onions are disliked, skin and mash two tomatoes for the same purpose.  Or one onion and one tomato may be used.

Well grease a pie-dish, fill it with the mixture, spread a few pieces of nutter (or butter) on the top, and bake until brown.

Another method.—­For those who use eggs, the mixing may be done with a well-beaten egg.  The mixture may also be formed into an oblong roast, greased, and baked on a tin.  Serve with brown gravy or tomato sauce.


Make a stiff mixture as for nut roast, add a tablespoonful savoury herbs if liked.  Form into small, flat rissoles, roll them in white flour, and fry in deep fat or oil.  Serve hot with gravy, or cold with salad.

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