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Essays.—­From A.C.  Benson, read one of these collections of essays:  The Altar Fire, Beside Still Waters, Thy Rod and Thy Staff, and one or more of these biographies:  Tennyson, John Ruskin, Rossetti (E.M.L.), Walter Pater (E.M.L.); from Chesterton, one of these collections of essays:  Varied Types, Heretics, Orthodoxy, and one or more of these biographies:  George Bernard Shaw, Charles Dickens, Robert Browning (E.M.L.).  For other twentieth-century essays, see the preceding bibliography and the paragraph following this.

The Novel.—­From Conrad, read Youth, Typhoon, Lord Jim; from Bennett, The Old Wives’ Tale, Clayhanger; from Galsworthy, The Man of Property, The Patrician; from Wells, The Time Machine, Kipps, The Future in America (essay); from Phillpotts, Children of the Mist, Demeter’s Daughter; from Hewlett, Life and Death of Richard Yea and Nay, The Stooping Lady; from Quiller-Couch, The Splendid Spur, The Delectable Duchy; from De Morgan, Joseph Vance, Somehow Good; from Locke, The Beloved Vagabond, The Adventures of Aristide Pujol; from Zangwill, The Children of the Ghetto, The Melting Pot (play).

Poetry.—­From The Poetical Works of William B. Yeats (Macmillan), read The Wanderings of Oisin, The Lake Isle of Innisfree, The Hosting of the Sidhe, The Voice of the Waters; from Fiona Macleod’s Poems and Dramas (Duffield), The Vision, The Lonely Hunter, The Rose of Flame; from Masefield, the part of Dauber describing the rounding of Cape Horn, beginning p. 119, in The Story of a Round-House (Macmillan); from Gibson’s Fires (Macmillan), The Crane, The Machine; from Noyes’s Poems (Macmillan, 1906), The Song of Re-Birth, The Barrel Organ, Forty Singing Seamen, The Highwayman; Book II from his Drake:  An English Epic (Stokes).

The Drama.—­From Jones, read The Manoeuvers of Jane, Mrs. Dane’s Defence (Samuel French); from Pinero, The Amazons, The School Mistress, or Sweet Lavender (W.H.  Baker); from Shaw’s Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant (Brentano), Candida, You Never Can Tell, Arms and the Man from Barrie, Peter Pan, What Every Woman Knows; from Galsworthy, Strife, Joy, The Little Dream; from Phillips, Marpessa (poem), Ulysses (Macmillan), Herod; from Lady Gregory’s, Seven Short Plays (Putnam), The Gaol Gate, Spreading the News; from her New Comedies (Putnam, 1913), McDonough’s Wife, The Bogie Men; from Yeats’s Poetical Works, Vol.  II. (Macmillan), The Land of Heart’s Desire, Countess Cathleen; from Synge, Riders to the Sea, The Playboy of the Western World, Deirdre of the Sorrows (John W. Luce).

Questions and Suggestions.—­Stevenson’s The Home Book of Verse and The Oxford Book of Victorian Verse contain selections from a number of the poets.  McCarthy’s Irish Literature, 10 vols., gives selections from work written prior to 1904.  The majority of the indicated readings can be found only in the original works of the authors.

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