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Cook’s George Eliot:  A Critical Study of her Life, Writings, and

Olcott’s George Eliot:  Scenes and People in Her Novels.

Hamilton’s Robert Louis Stevenson.

Balfour’s The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson, 2 vols.

The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson, edited by Sidney Colvin.

Raleigh’s Robert Louis Stevenson.  Hamerton’s Stevensoniana.

Japp’s Robert Louis Stevenson.

Hamerton’s George Meredith:  His Life and Art in Anecdote and

Letters of George Meredith, 2 vols.

Sturge Henderson’s George Meredith.

Bailey’s The Novels of George Meredith:  A Study.

Trevelyan’s The Poetry and Philosophy of George Meredith.

Beach’s The Comic Spirit in George Meredith.

Lionel Johnson’s The Art of Thomas Hardy.

Macdonell’s Thomas Hardy.

Abercrombie’s Thomas Hardy:  A Critical Study.

Saxelby’s Thomas Hardy Dictionary.

Phelps’s Essays on Modern Novelists (Hardy, Kipling, Stevenson).

Benson’s Walter Pater. (E.M.L.)

Paul’s Matthew Arnold. (E.M.L.)

Saintsbury’s Matthew Arnold.

Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett.

Griffin and Minchin’s The Life of Robert Browning.

Chesterton’s Robert Browning. (E.M.L.)

Sharp’s Life of Browning. (G.W.)

Symons’s An Introduction to the Study of Browning.

Foster’s The Message of Robert Browning.

Orr’s A Handbook to the works of Robert Browning.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, A Memoir, by his son.

Benson’s Alfred Tennyson (the best brief work).

Lyall’s Tennyson. (E.M.L.)

Brooke’s Tennyson:  His Art and Relation to Modern Life.

Van Dyke’s The Poetry of Tennyson.

Gordon’s The Social Ideals of Alfred Tennyson.

Lackyer’s Tennyson as a Student and Poet of Nature.

Luce’s Handbook to the Works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Woodberry’s Swinburne.

Thomas’s Algernon Charles Swinburne:  A Critical Study.

Knowles’s Kipling Primer.

Le Galliene’s Rudyard Kipling, A Criticism.

Clemens’s A Ken of Kipling.

Young’s Dictionary of the Characters and Scenes in the Stories and
Poems of Rudyard Kipling

Canby’s The Short Story in English (Kipling).

Cooper’s Some English Story Tellers (Kipling).

Leeb-Lundberg’s Word Formation in Kipling (excellent).


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