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List of illustrations

  1.  Woden.
  2.  Exeter Cathedral.
  3.  Anglo-Saxon Gleeman. (From the tapestry designed by H.A.  Bone).
  4.  Facsimile of beginning of Cotton Ms. of Beowulf.(British Museum).
  5.  Facsimile of Beginning of Junian Ms. of Caedmon.
  6.  Anglo-Saxon Musicians. (From illuminated Ms., British Museum).
  7.  The Beginning of Alfred’s Laws. (From illuminated Ms., British
  8.  The Death of Harold at Hastings. (From the Bayeux tapestry).
  9.  What Mandeville Saw. (From Edition of 1725).
 10.  John Wycliffe. (From an old print).
 11.  Treuthe’s Pilgryme atte Plow. (From a Ms. in Trinity College,
 12.  Gower Hearing the Confession of a Lover. (From Egerton Ms.,
     British Museum).
 13.  Geoffrey Chaucer. (From an old drawing in the Ms. of Occleve’s
     Poems, British Museum).
 14.  Canterbury Cathedral.
 15.  Pilgrims Leaving the Tabard Inn. (From Urry’s Chaucer).
 16.  Facsimile of Lines Describing the Franklyn. (From the Cambridge
     University Ms.).
 17.  Franklyn, Friar, Knight, Prioress, Squire, Clerk of Oxford. (From
     the Ellesmere Ms.).
 18.  Morris Dancers. (From Ms. of Chaucer’s Time).
 19.  Henry VIII, giving Bibles to Clergy and Laity. (From frontispiece
     to Coverdale Bible).
 20.  Book Illustration, Early Fifteenth Century. (British Museum).
 21.  Facsimile of Caxton’s Advertisement of his Books. (Bodleian
     Library, Oxford).
 22.  Malory’s Morte d’Arthur. (From DeWorde’s Edition, 1529).
 23.  Early Title Page of Robin Hood. (Copland Edition, 1550).
 24.  William Tyndale. (From an old print).
 25.  Sir Thomas Wyatt. (After Holbein).
 26.  Facsimile of Queen Elizabeth’s Signature.
 27.  Sir Philip Sidney. (After the miniature by Isaac Oliver, Windsor
 28.  Francis Bacon. (From the painting by Van Somer, National Portrait
 29.  Title page of Bacon’s Essays, 1597.
 30.  John Donne. (From the painting by Jansen, South Kensington
 31.  Edmund Spenser. (From a painting in Dublin Castle).
 32.  Miracle Play at Coventry. (From an old print).
 33.  Hell Mouth in the Old Miracle Play.  From a Columbia University
 34.  Fool’s Head.
 35.  Air-Bag Flapper and Lath Dagger.
 36.  Fool of the Old Play.
 37.  Thomas Sackville.
 38.  Theater in Inn Yard. (From Columbia University model).
 39.  Reconstructed Globe Theater, Earl’s Court, London.
 40.  The Bankside and its Theaters. (From the Hollar engraving, about
 41.  Contemporary Drawing of Interior of an Elizabethan Theater.
 42.  Marlowe’s Memorial Statue at Canterbury.

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