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would hardly be improved by the existence of political courts serving a malevolent majority.  Whatever may be in store for us, here at least, we reach an intelligible conclusion.  Should Nature follow such a course as I have suggested, she will settle all our present perplexities as simply and as drastically as she is apt to settle human perturbations, and she will follow logically in the infinitely extended line of her own most impressive precedents.


[42] In these observations on the intellectual tendencies of capital I speak generally.  Not only individual capitalists, but great corporations, exist, who are noble examples of law-abiding and intelligent citizenship.  Their rarity, however, and their conspicuousness, seem to prove the general rule.

[43] By the Law of November 27, 1790, priests refusing to swear allegiance to the “civil constitution” of the clergy were punished by loss of pay and of rights of citizenship if they continued their functions.  By Law of August 26, 1792, by transportation to Cayenne.

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