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Hey diddle dinkety poppety pet
Hey, my kitten, my kitten
Hick-a-more, Hack-a-more
Hickery, dickery, 6 and 7
Hickety, pickety, my black hen
Hickory, dickory, dock! 
High diddle doubt, my candle’s out
Higher than a house, higher than a tree
Hot-cross Buns! 
How many days has my baby to play? 
How many miles is it to Babylon? 
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Hush-a-bye, baby
Hush-a-bye, baby, lie still with thy daddy
Hush-a-bye, baby, on the tree top! 
Hush, baby, my dolly, I pray you don’t cry

“I am a gold lock”
I do not like thee, Doctor Fell
If all the seas were one sea
If all the world were apple pie
If I’d as much money as I could spend
If I’d as much money as I could tell
If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
If you are to be a gentleman
If you sneeze on Monday, you sneeze for danger
I had a little boy
I had a little hen, the prettiest ever seen
I had a little hobby-horse
I had a little husband no bigger than my thumb
I had a little moppet
I had a little pony
I had two pigeons bright and gay
I have seen you, little mouse
I like little Pussy
I’ll tell you a story
I love sixpence, a jolly, jolly sixpence
In a cottage in Fife
Intery, mintery, cutery corn
I saw a ship a-sailing
Is John Smith within? 
I went to the wood and got it
“I went up one pair of stairs”
I won’t be my father’s Jack

Jack and Jill went up the hill
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack Sprat
“Jacky, come and give me thy fiddle”
Jerry Hall, he was so small
Johnny shall have a new bonnet

Ladies and gentlemen come to supper
Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home! 
Leg over leg
“Lend me thy mare to ride a mile”
Little Betty Blue
Little Bobby Snooks was fond of his books
Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep
Little Boy Blue, come, blow your horn! 
“Little girl, little girl, where have you been?”
Little Jack Horner
Little Jack Jelf
Little Jack Jingle
Little Jenny Wren fell sick
Little King Boggen, he built a fine hall
“Little maid, pretty maid, whither goest thou?”
Little Miss Muffet
Little Nanny Etticoat
Little Polly Flinders
Little Robin Redbreast sat upon a tree
Little Tommy Tittlemouse
Little Tom Tucker
Lives in winter
London Bridge is broken down
Long legs, crooked thighs
Lucy Locket lost her pocket

March winds and April showers
Margaret wrote a letter
Mary had a pretty bird
Mary, Mary, quite contrary
Master I have, and I am his man
Mister East gave a feast
Molly, my sister and I fell out
Monday’s child is fair of face
Multiplication is vexation
My little old man and I fell out
My maid Mary she minds the dairy

Nancy Dawson was so fine
Needles and pins, needles and pins

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