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Little Jenny Wren
The Old Woman and the Pedlar
Bobby Snooks
The Little Moppet
I Saw a Ship A-Sailing
A Walnut
The Man in the Moon
One, He Loves
Bat, Bat
Hark!  Hark! 
The Hart
My Love
The Man of Bombay
Poor Old Robinson Crusoe! 
A Sieve
My Maid Mary
A Difficult Rhyme
Pretty John Watts
Good Advice
I Love Sixpence
Bye, Baby Bunting
Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son
Comical Folk
Tommy Snooks
The Three Sons
The Blacksmith
Two Gray Kits
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Pairs or Pears
Old King Cole
See, See
A Well
Coffee and Tea
Pussy-Cat Mew
The Little Girl with a Curl
A Cock and Bull Story
For Baby
Over the Water
Fears and Tears
The Kilkenny Cats
Old Grimes
A Week of Birthdays
A Chimney
The Man Who Had Naught
The Tailors and the Snail
Around the Green Gravel
Intery, Mintery
Caesar’s Song
As I Was Going Along
Hector Protector
Billy, Billy
Rock-a-Bye, Baby
The Man in the Wilderness
Little Jack Horner
The Bird Scarer
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray
Needles and Pins
Pussy-Cat and the Dumplings
Dance, Thumbkin, Dance
Mary’s Canary
The Little Bird
Birds of a Feather
The Dusty Miller
A Star
The Greedy Man
The Ten O’Clock Scholar
An Icicle
A Ship’s Nail
The Old Woman of Leeds
The Boy in the Barn
Willy, Willy
Jack Jingle
The Quarrel
The Pumpkin-Eater
Betty Blue
That’s All
Dance, Little Baby
My Little Maid
For Want of a Nail
Pease Porridge
Ring a Ring o’ Roses
The Crooked Sixpence
This Is the Way
Ducks and Drakes
The Donkey
The Bells
Little Girl and Queen
The King of France
Peter Piper
One to Ten
An Equal
The Tarts
Come, Let’s to Bed
Little Maid
What Are Little Boys Made Of? 
Bandy Legs
The Girl and the Birds
A Pig
Jenny Wren
Little Tom Tucker
Where Are You Going, My Pretty
The Old Woman of Gloucester
Multiplication Is Vexation
Little King Boggen
Bell Horses
The Robin
The Old Woman of Harrow
Young Roger and Dolly
The Piper and His Cow
The Man of Derby
The Coachman
There was an Old Woman
A Thorn
The Old Woman of Surrey
The Little Mouse
Boy and Girl
Sing, Sing
London Bridge
March Winds
The Balloon
A Cherry
The Lost Shoe
Hot Codlins
Three Straws
The Man of Tobago
Ding, Dong, Bell
A Sunshiny Shower
The Farmer and the Raven
Willy Boy
Polly and Sukey
The Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin
The Mouse and the Clock
Hot-Cross Buns
Bobby Shaftoe
The Bunch of Blue Ribbons
The Woman of Exeter
Pussy-Cat by the Fire
When the Snow Is on the Ground

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