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[27] Riazan on the Oka, the capital of a province or the same name.—­E.

[28] Even at present, they make an inebriating liquor in Russia, from
    millet, called busa, which is very heady, and is probably what is
    named bossa in the text—­Forst.

[29] I strongly suspect that this passage is wrong translated, and that it
    ought to have been, that the castle as encompassed with wooden walls,
    as it is well known that the city of Moscow environs the castle or

[30] This expression has no meaning.  Barbaro probably wrote that four
    pounds could be had at Moscow for the same money that would buy one in

[31] The Caspian, besides the names of Bochri and Bakhu, is likewise called
    the sea of Khozar, and the sea of Tabristan.—­E.

[32] Zagathai was one of the sons of the great conqueror Zingis Khan, and
    received that part of the empire for his share, which comprehended
    Turkistan, Mawaralnahar, and Kuaresm; which extensive country took
    from him the name of Zagathai.—­Forst.

The furs mentioned in the text could not be brought from this country, which besides, is to the south-east of Kasan.  To the north-east lies Siberia, the true country of fine furs; and which Barbara, by mistake, must have named Zagathai:  though perhaps it might at one time form part of that extensive empire.—­E

[33] Moxia is the country of the Morduanians, one tribe of whom call
    themselves Mokscha, or Moxa.—­Forst.

[34] This word signifies the New Castle; of this name there are two cities
    and provinces in European Russia, Novogorod proper, and Nisney
    Novogorod:  The former is the one here meant.—­E.

[35] This is near Wilna in Lithuania.—­Forst.

[36] I imagine that Slonym is here meant; formerly a place of note, and
    which used to be the appanege of one of the Lithuanian princes. 

[37] Varsonich is an evident corruption for Varsovich, or Warsaw, the
    capital of Masurea or Masovia.—­Forst.

[38] It is not easy to determine the situation of Mersaga; but, as on the
    borders of Poland, towards Brandenburgh, and in the direction of
    Francfort on the Oder, it is probable that Meseriz, or Miedzyrzyez, is
    here meant.—­Forst.


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