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Schildtberger and his Christian companions, reflecting that they were now only three days journey from the Black Sea, formed a resolution to endeavour to return into their own country.  With this view, having taken leave of Manustzusch, they went, to the capital of the country of Bathan[14] whence they requested to be conveyed across into Christendom, but were refused.  Upon this they rode four days journey along the coast, when at length they espied a ship at about eight Italian miles from the shore.  They made signals to the people on board by means of fire, and a boat was sent to inquire their purpose; and having convinced the boats crew that they, were Christians, by rehearsing the Lords prayer, Ave Maria, and creed, and these people having reported an account of them to the captain, of the ship, boats were sent back to bring them, on board.  Having escaped many dangers, they landed at Constantinople, where they were well received by John Palaeologus, the Grecian emperor, who:  sent them by sea to the castle of Kilia, at the mouth of the Danube.  Schildtberger here parted from his companions, and went with some merchants to Akkerman[15] in Wallachia.  From thence he went to Sedhof Sutschawa the capital of Moldavia, or the lesser Walachia.  Hence to Lubick called otherwise Lwow or Lemberg, the capital of White Russia, where he was detained by illness for three months.  From that place he went to Cracow, the capital of Poland; and by Breslau in Silesia, Misnia, Eger, Ratisbon, and Freysingen, back to Munich, having been absent for more than thirty-two years.

[1] Forster, Voy. and Disc. in the North, p. 158.

[2] About this period, many abuses subsisted among the Golden Tribe on the
    Wolga.  Mamay and Ideku, or Yedeghey-khan, called Edigi by
    Schildtberger, had not the title of great khan of the Golden Tribe in
    Kiptschak, but held in fact the supreme power in their hands, and set
    up khans from among the royal family, or deposed them at their

[3] The names are much disfigured, and the commencement of the journey is
    not mentioned; but, from the course afterwards, this may be some
    corruption for Armenia, or one of its districts.—­E.

[4] Perhaps a corruption for Daghistan.—­E.

[5] Perhaps Kahira, or Cairo.—­E.

[6] Schildtberger, or his transcriber, calls this the town of Bursa, by
    mistake for the mountain of Al-Burs.—­Forst.

[7] Probably Agrachan; as both Astracan and Saray had been demolished by
    Timur.  As to his saying that it stood in the middle of the Edil,
    Etilia, or Wolga, that may be a mistake; but at any rate, Edil
    signifies any river whatever.—­Forst.

[8] Bissibur or Issibur, is the ancient Russian town of Isborsk.—­Forst.  It
    would appear that the present expedition was into Siber, or Siberia

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