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Not long afterwards, Nicola wrote an account of these circumstances to his brother Antonio, inviting him to come to Frislanda; who accordingly soon arrived there, and lived four years along with Nicolo in that country; and remained ten years in the service of Zichmni, or Sinclair, the prince of that country, after the death of his brother Nicolo.

Nicolo Zeno having been shipwrecked in 13SO, on the island of Frislanda, and saved by prince Zichmni from the rude attacks of the natives, put himself and all his people under the protection of this prince, who was lord of certain islands lying to the south of Frislanda, which were called Porlanda, and were the most fertile and most populous of all the islands in those parts. Zichmni, or Sinclair, was besides this duke of Sorany[3], a place which lies on one side of Scotland.  Of these northern parts, I, Antonio Zeno, have constructed a map, which hangs up in my house; and which, though it be much decayed by time, may serve to give some information to the curious.

Zichmni the lord of all these countries, was a man of great courages and famous for his skill in navigation.  The year before the arrival of Nicolo Zeno, he had defeated the king of Norway in a pitched battle, and was now come with his forces to conquer Frislandia, which is much larger than Iceland.  On account of the knowledge of Nicolo Zeno in maritime affairs, the prince took him and all his crew on board his fleet, and gave orders to his admiral to treat him with the highest respect, and to take his advice in every affair of importance.

Zichmni had a fleet consisting of thirteen vessels, two of which only were galleys, the rest being small barks, and only one of the whole was a ship[4].  With all these they sailed to the westward, and without much difficulty made themselves masters of Ledovo and Ilofe[5], and several other smaller islands and turning into a bay called Sudero, in the haven of the town of Sanestol[6] they took several small barks laden with fish[7]; and here they found Zichmni who came by land with his army, conquering all the country as he went.  They stayed here but a short time, and then shaped their course to the westwards, till they came to the other cape of the gulf or bay, and here turning again, they found certain islands and broken lands, all of which they brought under subjection to Zichmni, or Sinclair.  These seas were all full of shoals and rocks, insomuch that if Nicolo Zeno and the Venetian mariners had not acted as pilots, the whole feet, in the opinion of all who were in it, must have been lost; so small was the skill of their people in comparison with ours, who had been trained up in the art and practice of navigation from their childhood.  After the proceedings already mentioned, the admiral, by the advice of Nicolo Zeno, determined to make for the shore, at a town called Bondendon[8], with

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