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of our bishops, together with several minorite friars and myself, went out two days journey from the city to meet him.  When we came nigh to his presence, we bore aloft a cross upon a pole, and began to sing Veni Creator, in a loud voice, while I carried the censer.  When he came up to the place where we were singing by the way side, he called us to come towards him; for no man dare approach within a stones throw of his chariot, unless called, except those only who are appointed to attend upon his person.  When we came near, he took off his cap or helmet, of inestimable value, and did reverence to the cross.  I immediately put incense into the censer; and the bishop, taking the censer into his own hands, perfumed the khan, and gave him his benediction.  Besides this, as those who approach the great khan always bring with them some offering to present to him, according to the ancient law.  “Thou shalt not come empty handed into my presence,” so we carried some apples along with us, and reverently offered them to him on a salver; and he was pleased to take two of our apples, of one of which he eat a part.  The khan then gave a sign for us to depart, lest we might have been injured by the crowd of horses; upon which we turned aside to certain of his barons, who had been converted to the Christian faith, and who were then in his train, to whom we offered the remainder of our apples, which they joyfully received, as If we had made them some great gift.


Conclusion of the Travels, and Account of the Death of Friar Oderic.

All the above were put down in writing by friar William de Solanga, as dictated to him by friar Oderic, in the year of our Lord 1330, in the month of May, and in the place of St Anthony at Padua.  He hath not attempted to render these relations into fine Latin, or in an eloquent style, but hath written them even as rehearsed by Oderic himself.

I, friar Oderic of Portenau, in the Friuli, of the order of minorites, do hereby testify, and bear witness to the reverend father Guidotus, minister of the province of St Anthony, in the marquisate of Trevigi, by whom I was commanded so to do, that all which is here written, was either seen by myself or reported to me by credible and worthy persons; and the common report of the countries through which I travelled, testifies all those things which I have seen and related to be true.  Many other wonderful things I have omitted, because they were not seen by myself.  It is farther mine intention, soon again to travel into foreign and far distant lands, in which I may live or die, as it may please the Almighty Disposer of events.

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