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The king of this country has vast treasures in gold and silver, and precious stones, and possesses the largest and fairest pearls that are to be seen in the whole world.  Leaving this country, I travelled fifty days journey to the southward, along the shore of the ocean, when I came to a country called Lamouri[2], in which, owing to the extreme heat, the whole inhabitants go stark naked, both men and women, and they derided me for wearing clothes, saying, that Adam and Eve were created naked.  In this country the women are all common, so that no one has a wife; and when a child is born, the mother gives it to any of the men she pleases, who may have been connected with her.  The whole of the land, likewise, is possessed in common, but everyone has his own house.  Human flesh, if fat, is used as commonly in that country as beef with us; and though the manners and customs of the people are most abominable, the country is excellent, and abounds in flesh and corn, gold and silver, aloes-wood, and camphor, and many other precious commodities.  Merchants who trade to this country, usually bring with them fat men, among their other commodities, which they sell to the natives as we do hogs, and these are immediately slain and devoured.

In this region, toward the south, there is an island or kingdom called Symolora[3], where both the men and women mark themselves with a hot iron in twelve different parts of their faces[4]; and this nation is continually at war with a certain naked people in another region.  I then went to another island named Java, the coast of which is 3000 miles in circuit; and the king of Java has seven other kings under his supreme dominion.  This is thought to be one of the largest islands in the world, and is thoroughly inhabited; having great plenty of cloves, cubebs, and nutmegs, and all other kinds of spices, and great abundance of provisions of all kinds, except wine.  The king of Java has a large and sumptuous palace, the most lofty of any that I have seen, with broad and lofty stairs to ascend to the upper apartments, all the steps being alternately of gold and silver.

The whole interior walls are lined with plates of beaten gold, on which the images of warriors are placed sculptured in gold, having each a golden coronet richly ornamented with precious stones.  The roof of this palace is of pure gold, and all the lower rooms are paved with alternate square plates of gold and silver.  The great khan, or emperor of Cathay, has had many wars with the king of Java, but has always been vanquished and beaten back.

[1] More recent and more accurate travellers have informed us, that this
    profusion of gold, on the idols and temples of the Buddists,
    especially, is only rich gilding.—­E.

[2] This seems properly enough corrected on the margin by Hakluyt, by the
    word Comori, or the country about Cape Comorin.—­E.

[3] Simoltra or Sumatra.—­Hakluyt.

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