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[5] The direction of the voyage is here obviously erroneous, it must have
    been between the south and the south-west, or south-south-west.  In the
    Trevigi edition, the Java of this part of our text is Lava, and
    according to Valentine, Lava is the name of the principal city and
    kingdom in Borneo; which at all events must be the island here
    mentioned by Marco.—­E.

[6] According to the Trevigi edition, as reported by Pinkerton, these
    islands are only seven miles from Lava or Borneo.  At about seventy
    miles distance to the south-west, there are two islands named Caremata
    and Soorooto, which may be those mentioned in the text.—­E.

[7] Called Lochach in some of the editions, and said to be 200 miles from
    Sondor and Condur.  Whether this may be Ma-lacca or Ma-laya, it is
    impossible to determine.—­E.

[8] In the Trevigi edition only five miles, and the island is called
    Pentara.  This may possibly be the island of Bintang in the
    south-eastern entrance of the straits of Malacca.—­E.

[9] Most probably the kingdom of Malacca.  From the Trevigi edition
    Pinkerton calls this Malonir, and curiously identifies Pepetam,
    Pentara, or Pentan, as the name of the city and kingdom of Malonir or

[10] If right in our former conjectures, the island spoken of in the text
    must be Sumatra not that now called Java.  Indeed, the mention
    immediately afterwards of the islands of Nocueran and Angaman 150
    miles to the north, which can only he the Nicobar and Andaman islands,
    establish the identity of Java-minor, here called Java the less, and

[11] The animal here described under the name of unicorn is the Rhinoceros
    monoceros, or one-horned rhinoceros of naturalists; but the single horn
    is placed a little above the nose, not on the middle of the forehead,
    as here erroneously described by Marco.—­E

[12] He had evidently missed the Monsoon, and had to await its return.  From
    this kingdom or division of the island, it probably acquired the name
    of Sumatra, by which it is known in modern geography.  From the
    circumstance in the text of not seeing the great bear, it is probable
    that Marco was stopped near the south-eastern extremity of the island. 
    What is here translated the great bear, Pinkerton calls, from the
    Trevigi edition del Maistro. The polar star was invisible of

[13] Called Deragola by Pinkerton, from the Trevigi edition.—­E.

[14] He here distinctly indicates the manufacture of sego.—­E.

[15] Nicobar and Andaman, on the east side of the bay of Bengal; called
    Necunera and Namgama in the Trevigi edition.—­E.


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