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house to drink.  I likewise presented to him the letters from the emperor of Constantinople.  He then sent these to Soldaia to be translated, because, being in Greek, there was no person about him who understood that language.  He asked if we would drink cosmos?  For the Russian, Greek, and Alanian Christians, who happen to, be among the Tartars, and conform strictly to their own laws, do not drink that liquor, and even think they are not Christians who do so; and their priests, after such conduct, formally reconcile them again to the church, as if they had thereby renounced the Christian faith.  I answered that we had still a sufficiency of our own drink, but when that was done, we should be under the necessity of using what might be given us.  He next asked us, what the letters contained which we carried to Sartach?  I answered that these were sealed, and contained only the words of friendship and good will.  He asked what I meant to say to Sartach?  To this I answered, that I should speak to him the words of the Christian faith.  He asked what these were, as he would willingly hear them?  I then expounded to him the apostles creed, as well as I was able, by means of our interpreter, who was by no means clever or eloquent.  On hearing this he shook his head, but made no reply.  He then appointed oxen and horses for our use, and two men to attend upon us; but he desired us to abide with him, until the messenger should return with the translation of the emperors letters from Soldaia.  We arrived at the horde of Zagathai, in the Ascension week, and we remained with him until the day after Pentecost, or Whitsun Tuesday, being ten days in all.


How some Alanians visited them on the Eve of Pentecost.

On the eve of Pentecost or Whitsunday, there came to us certain Alanians, called there Acias or Akas, who are Christians after the Greek form, using Greek books, and having Grecian priests, but they are not schismatics like the Greeks as they honour all Christians without exception.  These men brought us some sodden flesh, which they offered us to eat, and requested us to pray for one of their company who had died.  But I explained to them the solemnity of the festival, and that we could eat no flesh at this time.  They were much pleased with our exposition, as they were ignorant of every thing relative to the Christian rites, the name of Christ alone excepted.  They and many other Christians, both Russians and Hungarians, demanded of us if they might be saved, having been constrained to drink cosmos, and to eat the flesh of animals that had been slain by the Saracens and other infidels; which the Greek and Russian priests consider as things strangled or offered to idols.  They were likewise ignorant of the times of fasting, neither could they have observed these in this region, even if they had known their times and seasons.  I then instructed them as well as I could, and strengthened

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