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Voyages and Travels of Discovery, from the Era of Alfred, King of England, in the Ninth Century, to the Era of Don Henry, Prince of Portugal, at the commencement of the Fifteenth Century.

I. Discoveries in the time of Alfred, King of England, in the Ninth
Century of the Christian Era.

  I. Discovery of Iceland by the Norwegians, in the Ninth Century

  II.  Voyages of Ohthere to the White Sea and the Baltic, in the Ninth

  III.  Remarks on the situation of Sciringes-heal and Haethum, by J. R.

  IV.  Voyage of Wulfstein in the Baltic, as related to King Alfred

  IV[1].  Voyage of Sighelm to India, in the reign of Alfred, King of

  V. Travels of John Erigena to Athens, in the Ninth-Century

  VI.  Geography of the known World, in the Ninth Century, as described by
  King Alfred

  VII.  Travels of Andrew Leucander, in the Eleventh Century

  VIII.  Voyage of Swanus to Jerusalem, in 1052

  IX.  Voyage of three Ambassadors from England to Constantinople, about

  X. Pilgrimage of Alured to Jerusalem, in 1058

  XI.  Pilgrimage of Ingulphus to Jerusalem, in 1064

II.  Original Discovery of Greenland by the Icelanders, in the Ninth Century

III.  Early Discovery of Winland, or America, by the Icelanders, about the
    year 1001

IV.  Travels of two Mahometans into India and China, in the Ninth Century

V. Travels of Rabbi Benjamin from Spain to China, in the Twelfth Century

VI.  Travels of an Englishman in Tartary, in 1243

VII.  Sketch of the Revolutions in Tartary

VIII.  Travels of John de Piano Carpini, in 1246

IX.  Travels of W. de Rubruquis, about 1253

X. Travels of Haitho, Prince of Armenia, in 1254

XI.  Travels of Marco Polo into China and the East; from A.D. 1260 to 1295

XII.  Travels of Oderic of Portenau, in 1318

XIII.  Travels of Sir John Mandeville, in 1322

XIV.  Itinerary of Pegoletti, between Asof and China, in 1355

XV.  Voyages of Nicolo and Antonio Zeno, in 1380

XVI.  Travels of Schildtberger, in 1394

XVII.  Travels of the Ambassadors of Shah Rokh, in 1419

XVIII.  Voyage and Shipwreck of Quirini, in 1431

XIX.  Travels of Josaphat Barbaro, in 1436

[1] By error of the press, Sect, IV. has been numerically repeated.

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