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[6] An order known as that “du Merite” had been recently distributed for foreign Protestant officers, whose religion prevented them from taking the oath required of the Knights of the Grand Order of St. Louis.

[7] “Sa figure et son air convenaient parfaitement a un heros de roman, mais non pas d’un roman francais; il n’en avait ni le brillant ni legerete.”—­Souvenirs et Portraits, par M. de Levis, p. 130.

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[9] See his letter to Lord North proposing peace, date December 1st, 1780.  Lord Stanhope’s “History of England,” vol. vii., Appendix, p. 13.


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[5] “On s’arretait dans les rues, on se parlait sans se connaitre.”—­ Madame de Campan, ch. ix.

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[9] La Muette derived its name from les mues of the deer who were reared there.  It had been enlarged by the Regent d’Orleans, who gave it to his daughter, the Duchess de Berri; and it, was the frequent scene of the orgies of that infamous father and daughter, while more recently it had been known as the Parc aux Cerfs, under which title it had acquired a still more infamous reputation.

[10] “Apres le diner il y eut appartement jeu, et la fete fut terminee par un feu d’artifice.”—­Weber, i., p. 57, from whom the greater part of those details are taken.  For the etiquette of the “jeu,” see Madame de Campan, ch. ix., p. 17, and 2 ed. 1858.


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[2] Le tabouret.  See St. Simon.

[3] See infra, the queen’s letter to Madame de Tourzel, date July 25th, 1789.

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[5] “Filia dolorosa.”—­Chateaubriand.

[6] Napoleon, in 1814, called her the only man of her family.

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[9] The Marshal Prince de Soubise, whose incapacity and cowardice caused the disgraceful rout of Rosbach, was the head of this family; his sister, Madame Marsan, as governess of the “children of France”, had brought up Louis XVI.

[10] “Il [Rohan] a meme menace, si on ne veut pas prendre le bon chemin qui lui indique, que ma fille s’en ressentira.”—­Marie-Therese a Mercy, August 28th, 1774, Arneth, ii., p. 226.

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