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“It was while we were looking through the window, seeking to call the attention of those within for that purpose and no other, that we were attacked and submitted to much unnecessary violence.  That is the whole truth, as Allah is our witness!  We are honest men, who seek to uphold the law, and we claim the protection of the Government.  We are ready to tell all we know, including the names of those connected with this plot.”


“Nobody will know, no bouquets”

There followed a tedious hour or two, during which Grim cross-examined the three “honest men,” and took down lists of names from their dictation, getting Doctor Ticknor meanwhile to go for the police because Yussuf Dakmar might still be lurking in the neighbourhood for a chance to murder Narayan Singh.  It was only after the police had carried off the prisoners to jail (where they repudiated their entire confession next morning) that Grim showed us the letter which, like a spark, had fired a powder magazine—­although a smaller one than its writer intended.

“It isn’t in Feisul’s handwriting,” he said, holding the feathery Arab script up to the lamplight; “and it’s no more like his phraseology than a camel resembles a locomotive.  Listen to this: 

To the Pan-Arab Committee in Jerusalem, by favour of Yussuf Dakmar Bey its District President, Greeting in the name of God: 

Ye know that on former occasions the foes of our land and race were overwhelmed when, relying on the aid of the Most High, and raising the green banner of the Prophet—­on whom be peace—­we launched our squadrons in a cause held sacred by us all.

Ye know that in that fashion, and not otherwise, the accursed conquerors were driven forth and our sacred banner was set on high over the Damascus roofs, where by Allah’s blessing may it wave for ever!

Ye know how those who claimed to be our friends have since proven themselves foes, so that the independent state for which we fought is held today in ignominious subjection by aliens, who deny the true Faith and hold their promises as nothing.

Ye know how Damascus is beset by the French, and Palestine is held by the British who, notwithstanding the oath they swore to us, are daily betraying us Arabs to the Jews.

Know now, then, that the hour has struck when, again in the name of Allah, we must finish what we formerly began and with our true swords force these infidels to yield our country to us.  Nor on this occasion shall we sheathe our swords until from end to end our land is free and united under one government of our own choosing.

Know that this time there shall be no half-measures nor any compromise.  It is written, Ye shall show no quarter to the infidel.  Let no Jew live to boast that he has footing in the land of our ancestors.  Leave ye no root of them in the earth nor seedling that can spring into a tree!  Smite, and smite swiftly in the name of Him who never sleeps, who keeps all promises, whose almighty hand is ready to preserve the Faithful.

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