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Why, here is a gallant young drover of livings. [Aside.]

I beseech you, sir, speak English; for that is natural to me and to my
son, and all our kindred, to understand but one language.

Why thus, in plain English, I must be respected with thanks.

This is a subtle tractive, when thanks may be felt and seen. [Aside.]

And I pray you, sir, what is the lowest thanks that you will take?

The very same method that he useth at the buying of an ox. [Aside.]

AMORETTO.  I must have some odd sprinkling of an hundred pounds; if so, so—­I shall think you thankful, and commend your son as a man of good gifts to my father.

A sweet world! give an hundred pounds; and this is but counted
thankfulness! [Aside.]

Hark thou, sir; you shall have eighty thanks.

AMORETTO.  I tell thee, fellow, I never opened my mouth in this kind so cheap before in my life:  I tell thee, few young gentlemen are found that would deal so kindly with thee as I do.

STERCUTIO.  Well, sir, because I know my son to be a toward thing, and one that has taken all his learning on his own head, without sending to the university, I am content to give you as many thanks as you ask, so you will promise me to bring it to pass.

AMORETTO.  I warrant you for that, if I say it once.  Repair you to the place, and stay there.  For my father, he is walked abroad to take the benefit of the air:  I’ll meet him, as he returns, and make way for your suit.  Gallant, i’faith.[86]




ACADEMICO.  I see, we scholars fish for a living in these shallow fords without a silver hook.  Why, would it not gall a man to see a spruce gartered youth of our college, a while ago, be a broker for a living and an old bawd for a benefice?  This sweet sir preferred me much kindness when he was of our college, and now I’ll try what wind remains in his bladder.  God save you, sir.

AMORETTO.  By the mass, I fear me, I saw this genus and species in Cambridge before now:  I’ll take no notice of him now. [Aside.] By the faith of a gentleman, this is pretty elegy.  Of what age is the day, fellow?  Sirrah boy, hath the groom saddled my hunting hobby?  Can Robin hunter tell where a hare sits? [Soliloquising.

See a poor Old friend of yours of S——­ College in Cambridge.

Good faith, sir, you must pardon me:  I have forgotten you.

My name is Academico, sir; one that made an oration for you once on the
Queen’s day, and a show that you got some credit by.

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