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ANA.  At your lordship’s pleasure.



COMMUNIS SENSUS, PHANTASTES, MEMORIA, HEURESIS, ANAMNESTES, upon the Bench consulting among themselves. VISUS, AUDITUS, TACTUS, GUSTUS, and OLFACTUS, every one with his shield upon his arm.  LINGUA, and MENDACIO with them.

COM.  SEN.  Though you deserve no small punishment for these uproars, yet at the request of these my assistants I remit it; and by the power of judgment our gracious sovereign Psyche hath given me, thus I determine of your controversies:  hum!  By your former objects, instruments and reasons, I conceive the state of sense to be divided into two parts; one of commodity, the other of necessity; both which are either for our queen or for our country; but as the soul is more excellent than the body, so are the Senses that profit the soul to be estimated before those that are needful for the body.  Visus and Auditus, serve yourselves.  Master Register, give me the crown; because it is better to be well, than simply to be, therefore I judge the crown by right to belong to you of the commodity’s part, and the robe to you of the necessity’s side:  and since you, Visus, are the author of invention, and you, Auditus, of increase and addition to the same, seeing it is more excellent to invent than to augment, I establish you, Visus, the better of the two, and chief of all the rest:  in token whereof I bestow upon you this crown, to wear at your liberty.

VIS.  I most humbly thank your lordships.

COM.  SEN.  But lest I should seem to neglect you, Auditus, I here choose you to be the lord intelligencer to Psyche her majesty:  and you, Olfactus, we bestow upon you the chief priesthood of Microcosm, perpetually to offer incense in her majesty’s temple.  As for you, Tactus, upon your reasons alleged I bestow upon you the robe.

TAC.  I accept it most gratefully at your just hands, and will wear it in the dear remembrance of your good lordship.

COM.  SEN.  And lastly, Gustus, we elect you Psyche’s only taster, and great purveyor for all her dominions both by sea and land, in her realm of Microcosm.

GUS.  We thank your lordship, and rest well content with equal arbitrament.

COM.  SEN.  Now for you, Lingua.

LIN.  I beseech your honour, let me speak; I will neither trouble the company, nor offend your patience.

COM.  SEN.  I cannot stay so long; we have consulted about you, and find your cause to stand upon these terms and conditions.  The number of the Senses in this world is answerable to the first[295] bodies in the great world:  now, since there be but fire in the universe, the four elements and the pure substance of the heavens, therefore there can be but five Senses in our Microcosm, correspondent to those; as the sight to the heavens, hearing to

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