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The Bench and OLFACTUS, as before.  TOBACCO, apparelled in a taffeta mantle, his arms brown and naked, buskins made of the peeling of osiers, his neck bare, hung with Indian leaves, his face brown, painted with blue stripes, in his nose swines’ teeth, on his head a painted wicker crown with tobacco-pipes set in it, plumes of tobacco leaves, led by two Indian boys naked, with tapers in their hands, tobacco-boxes, and pipes lighted.

PHA.  Foh, foh, what a smell is here!  Is this one of your delightful objects?

OLF.  It is your only scent in request, sir.

COM.  SEN.  What fiery fellow is that, which smokes so much in the mouth?

OLF.  It is the great and puissant God of Tobacco.

TOB. Ladoch guevarroh pufuer shelvaro baggon,
Olfia di quanon, Indi cortilo vraggon

PHA.  Ha, ha, ha, ha! this, in my opinion, is the tongue of the

MEM.  No, I remember it very well, it was the language the Arcadians spake that lived long before the moon.

COM.  SEN.  What signifies it, Olfactus?

OLF.  This is the mighty Emperor Tobacco, king of Trinidado, that, in being conquered, conquered all Europe, in making them pay tribute for their smoke.

TOB. Erfronge inglues conde hesingo,
Develin floscoth ma pu cocthingo

OLF.  Expeller of catarrhs, banisher of all agues, your guts’ only salve for the green wounds of a non-plus.

TOB. All vulcam vercu, I parda pora si de gratam, ka famala mora, che
Bauho respartera, quirara

OLF.  Son to the god Vulcan and Tellus, kin to the father of mirth, called Bacchus.

TOB. Viscardonok, pillostuphe, pascano tinaromagas,
Pagi dagon stollisinfe, carocibato scribas

OLF.  Genius of all swaggerers, professed enemy to physicians, sweet ointment for sour teeth, firm knot of good fellowship, adamant of company, swift wind to spread the wings of time, hated of none but those that know him not, and of so great deserts that, whoso is acquainted with him can hardly forsake him.

PHA.  It seems these last words were very significant.  I promise you, a god of great denomination; he may be my Lord Tappes for his large titles[291].

COM.  SEN.  But forward, Olfactus, as they have done before you, with your description?

OLF.  Just in the midst of Cephalon’s round face,
As ’twere a frontispiece unto the hill,
Olfactus’ lodging built in figure long,
Doubly disparted with two precious vaults,
The roofs whereof most richly are enclos’d
With orient pearls and sparkling diamonds
Beset at th’end with emerauds and turchis[292],
And rubies red and flaming chrysolites,
At upper end whereof, in costly manner,
I lay my head between two spongeous pillows,

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