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Art. 7.  Item, that she maintains a train of prating pettifoggers, prowling sumners[255], smooth-tongued bawds, artless[256] empirics, hungry parasites, newscarriers, janglers[257], and such like idle companions, that delude the commonalty.

Art. 8.  Item, that she made rhetoric wanton, logic to babble, astronomy to lie.

Art. 9.  Item that she’s an incontinent tell-tale.

Art. 10.  Item (which is the last and worst), that she’s a woman in every respect, and for these causes not to be admitted to the dignity of a Sense.  That these articles be true, we pawn our honours, and subscribe our names.


COM.  SEN.  Lingua, these be shrewd allegations, and, as I think, unanswerable.  I will defer the judgment of your cause, till I have finished the contention of the Senses.

LIN.  Your lordship must be obeyed.  But as for them, most ungrateful and perfidious wretches—­

COM.  SEN.  Good words become you better; you may depart, if you will, till we send for you.  Anamnestes, run, remember Visus; ’tis time he were ready.

ANA.  I go. [Exit ANAMNESTES et redit.] He stays here, expecting your lordship’s pleasure.


A page carrying a scutcheon argent, charged with an eagle displayed proper:  then VISUS, with a fan of peacock’s feathers:  next LUMEN, with a crown of bays and a shield with a bright sun in it, apparelled in tissue:  then a page bearing a shield before COELUM, clad in azure taffeta, dimpled with stars, a crown of stars on his head, and a scarf resembling the zodiac overthwart the shoulders:  next a page clad in green, with a terrestrial globe before TERRA, in a green velvet gown stuck with branches and flowers, a crown of turrets upon her head, in her hand a key:  then a herald, leading in his hand COLOUR, clad in changeable silk, with a rainbow out of a cloud on her head:  last, a boy.  VISUS marshalleth his show about the stage, and presents it before the Bench.


VIS.  Lo, here the objects that delight the sight! 
The goodliest objects that man’s heart can wish! 
For all things, that the orb first movable
Wraps in the circuit of his large-stretch’d arms,
Are subject to the power of Visus’ eyes. 
That you may know what profit light doth bring,
Note Lumen’s words, that speaks next following.

LUM.  Light, the fair grandchild to the glorious sun,
Opening the casements of the rosy morn,
Makes the abashed heavens soon to shun
The ugly darkness it embrac’d beforn;[258]
And, at his first appearance, puts to flight
The utmost relics of the hell-born night. 
This heavenly shield, soon as it is display’d,

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