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AMIN. Salve tu quoque! would you speak with me? 
You are, I take it, and let me not lie,
For, as you know, mentiri non est meum,
Young Master Arthur; quid vis—­what will you?

Y. ART.  You are a man I much rely upon;
There is a pretty wench dwells in this street
That keeps no shop, nor is not public known: 
At the two posts, next turning of the lane,
I saw her from a window looking out;
O, could you tell me how to come acquainted
With that sweet lass, you should command me, sir,
Even to the utmost of my life and power.

AMIN. Dii boni, boni! ’tis my love he means;
But I will keep it from this gentleman,
And so, I hope, make trial of my love. [Aside.]

Y. ART.  If I obtain her, thou shalt win thereby
More than at this time I will promise thee.

AMIN. Quando venis aput, I shall have two horns on my caput.

Y. ART.  What, if her husband come and find one there?

AMIN. Nuncquam time, never fear,
She is unmarried, I swear. 
But, if I help you to the deed,
Tu vis narrare how you speed.

Y. ART.  Tell how I speed? ay, sir, I will to you: 
Then presently about it.  Many thanks
For this great kindness, Sir Aminadab. [Exit.

AMIN.  If my puella prove a drab,
I’ll be reveng’d on both:  ambo shall die;
Shall die! by what? for ego I
Have never handled, I thank God,
Other weapon than a rod;
I dare not fight for all my speeches.
Sed cave, if I take him thus,
Ego sum expers at untruss.



A Room in Justice Reason’s House.


O. ART.  We, Master Justice Reason, come about
A serious matter that concerns us near.

O. LUS.  Ay, marry, doth it, sir, concern us near;
Would God, sir, you would take some order for it.

O. ART.  Why, look ye, Master Lusam, you are such another,
You will be talking what concerns us near,
And know not why we come to Master Justice.

O. LUS.  How? know not I?

O. ART.  No, sir, not you.

O. LUS.  Well, I know somewhat, though I know not that;
Then on, I pray you.

JUS.  Forward, I pray, [and] yet the case is plain.

O. ART.  Why, sir, as yet you do not know the case.

O. LUS.  Well, he knows somewhat; forward, Master Arthur.

O. ART.  And, as I told you, my unruly son,
Once having bid his wife home to my house,
There took occasion to be much aggriev’d
About some household matters of his own,
And, in plain terms, they fell in controversy.

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