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FUL.  All this as well as I could wish myself.

MRS ART.  Sir, I have heard thus long with patience;
If it be me you term a villain’s wife,
In sooth you have mistook me all this while,
And neither know my husband nor myself;
Or else you know not man and wife is one. 
If he be call’d a villain, what is she,
Whose heart and love, and soul, is one with him? 
’Tis pity that so fair a gentleman
Should fall into such villains’ company. 
O, sir, take heed, if you regard your life,
Meddle not with a villain or his wife. [Exit.

FUL.  O, that same word villain hath marr’d all.

ANS.  Now where is your instruction? where’s the wench? 
Where are my hopes? where your directions?

FUL.  Why, man, in that word villain you marr’d all. 
To come unto an honest wife, and call
Her husband villain! were he[10] ne’er so bad,
Thou might’st well think she would not brook that name
For her own credit, though no love to him. 
But leave not thus, but try some other mean;
Let not one way thy hopes make frustrate clean.

ANS.  I must persist my love against my will;
He that knows all things, knows I prove this will.



A School.

Enter AMINADAB, with a rod in his hand, and
BOYS with their books.

AMIN.  Come, boys, come, boys, rehearse your parts,
And then, ad prandium; jam, jam, incipe!

1ST BOY.  Forsooth, my lesson’s torn out of my book.

AMIN. Quae caceris chartis deseruisse decet
Torn from your book!  I’ll tear it from your breech. 
How say you, Mistress Virga, will you suffer
Hic puer bonae[11] indolis to tear
His lessons, leaves, and lectures from his book?

1ST BOY.  Truly, forsooth, I laid it in my seat, While Robin Glade and I went into campis; And when I came again, my book was torn.

AMIN. O mus, a mouse; was ever heard the like?

1ST BOY. O domus, a house; master, I could not mend it.

2D BOY. O pediculus, a louse; I knew not how it came.

AMIN.  All toward boys, good scholars of their times;
The least of these is past his accidence,
Some at qui mihi; here’s not a boy
But he can construe all the grammar rules.
Sed ubi sunt sodales? not yet come? 
Those tarde venientes shall be whipp’d.
Ubi est Pipkin? where’s that lazy knave? 
He plays the truant every Saturday;
But Mistress Virga, Lady Willow-by,[12]
Shall teach him that diluculo surgere
Est saluberrimum
:  here comes the knave.

    Enter PIPKIN.

1ST BOY. Tarde, tarde, tarde.

2D.  BOY. Tarde, tarde, tarde.

AMIN. Huc ades, Pipkin—­reach a better rod—­ Cur tam tarde venis? speak, where have you been?  Is this a time of day to come to school? Ubi fuisti? speak, where hast thou been?

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