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FLAT-FOOT (to Hanging-lip and Broad-thumb).  Sisters, let us speak together.

[The three Great-Aunts whisper together for a moment.]

HANGING-LIP.  Isabel, we will help you—­

FLAT-FOOT (interrupting).  On one condition!

BROAD-THUMB (nodding).  Aye,—­on a certain condition!

ISABEL.  What do you mean?

HANGING-LIP.  We’ll spin the flax for you—­

FLAT-FOOT (interrupting).  On one condition.

BROAD-THUMB (nodding).  Aye,—­on a certain condition!

DAME.  You speak in riddles, sisters.

HANGING-LIP.  ’T is this—­if Isabel will invite us to her wedding, we’ll spin the flax.

FLAT-FOOT.  That’s the condition.

BROAD-THUMB (nodding).  Aye,—­that’s the certain condition.

ISABEL.  ’T will be deceiving the Queen and the Prince, both.

DAME.  There’s no other way to mend things.  Go now!  Since you are so soon to be a princess, I’ll give you leave to write down your song.

ISABEL (sadly).  The song is no longer in my heart.

DAME.  ’T is well.  Now listen—­you must never let the Prince know about your songs.  He’d send you from the castle.

BROAD-THUMB (nodding).  Besides, ’t would bring great shame upon us, for we are a family of spinners.

FLAT-FOOT (nodding).  Aye, aye!

HANGING-LIP (nodding).  Aye, aye!


TIME:  one week later
PLACE:  the Queen’s castle.

* * * * *


* * * * *

[The THREE GREAT-AUNTS are working at the last heap of flax in the third room. ISABEL watches them anxiously.]

ISABEL.  Think you to finish before the Queen comes?

FLAT-FOOT (nodding as she treads the wheel).  Aye, if treading the wheel will do it!

HANGING-LIP (nodding, as she moistens the thread over her lip).  Aye, if moistening the thread will do it!

BROAD-THUMB (nodding, as she presses the thread with her thumb).  Aye, if pressing the thread will do it!

ISABEL.  ’T is to-day she brings the Prince.

FLAT-FOOT.  Another minute and we’ll have finished.

ISABEL.  Should they come suddenly, you know where to hide—­behind those curtains there.

THREE GREAT-AUNTS (nodding).  Aye, we know!

[A noise is heard in the distance.]

ISABEL.  Some one comes!

(She runs to the door, opens it, and looks out.)

The Prince comes down the stairs!  Quick, aunts, quick!

FLAT-FOOT (rising).  Well, ’t is finished!

ISABEL (looking into hall).  Now comes the Queen!  To the curtains, quick!

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