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(The Guards take the Wicked Uncle away.  The King turns to his servants.)

Let the music sound!  Bring forth the queen’s golden crown!

(To Eliza.)

My whole kingdom shall do you honor!  This land has never seen a more beautiful thing than your love for your brothers.

GOODY (whispering aside).  Ring, church bells!  Ring of yourselves!

[All the church bells are heard ringing.]

CITIZENS.  Hear the church bells!  They ring of themselves!

KING.  They ring for this sweet queen whose heart is as good as her face is beautiful.  Come, Citizens!  Away now to the castle!  Away to the banquet-hall!



TIME:  evening
PLACE:  a large city; a quiet corner with a high wall back.

* * * * *


* * * * *

[Great crowds of people are seen in the streets.  The TWO COUNTRYMEN have just arrived.  They find a quiet corner where they place their blankets and baskets of gourds which they carry.]

FIRST COUNTRYMAN.  I fear something most dreadful must have happened in that street.  See what crowds of people pass that way!

SECOND COUNTRYMAN.  Perhaps there is a fire.  And yet—­

[He stops, showing he is puzzled.]

FIRST COUNTRYMAN (anxiously).  What troubles thee?

SECOND COUNTRYMAN.  Look thou into that other street!  It, too, is full of people, and yet none are gone from here.

FIRST COUNTRYMAN.  Some awful accident hath called them from all parts of the city.  We must find out what it may be.

[A MERCHANT passes.]

SECOND COUNTRYMAN (to Merchant).  I pray thee stop, citizen.

(The Merchant stops.)

Canst thou tell us what dreadful thing hath befallen this city?

MERCHANT.  What do you mean?

[TWO CITY WAGS pass; they stop to listen.]

SECOND COUNTRYMAN.  Whither do they go, these vast multitudes?  What dreadful thing go they to see?

FIRST COUNTRYMAN.  Perhaps they flee from some monster just come out of the sea?

MERCHANT.  It is ever thus—­always the great crowds surging through the streets.

[The Merchant goes.]

SECOND WAG (to Countrymen, winking aside at First Wag).  This is your first visit to a city, I take it?

BOTH COUNTRYMEN (bowing).  It is, good sirs.

FIRST WAG (winking aside at Second Wag).  You know what happens to strangers in our city, of course?

FIRST COUNTRYMAN (anxiously).  No, good sir.

SECOND COUNTRYMAN (anxiously).  Pray tell us what it may be.

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