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ELIZA (sadly to herself).  My poor brothers!  I shall never see them again.

GOODY (suddenly).  Do you see those great blue bluffs to the south?

ELIZA.  Yes; the sea is dashing against them.

GOODY.  In those bluffs, back from the shore, is a cave.  Go at once to that cave and enter.

ELIZA.  And what shall I do there, good woman?

GOODY.  Perhaps you may learn how to break the spell over your brothers.

ELIZA (surprised).  How to break the spell?

GOODY.  Ask no questions, but go at once to the cave.

ELIZA (going).  Thank you, good woman.  You are very kind to me.

GOODY.  Go now, child, and fear nothing.

[Eliza goes; the Goody disappears.]


TIME:  a half-hour later
PLACE:  the cave.

* * * * *


* * * * *

[ELIZA is seen at entrance of cave.  She stops; is afraid to enter.]

ELIZA.  I am afraid to enter!  It is so dark—­I know not what is within!  It may be the den of some wild animal.


Not a sound do I hear!  But wild animals are cunning.  They know how to lie as still as death and then to leap quickly.


Well, be it so.  I will enter, for I must save my

[She enters the cave. FAIRY is within the cave, but invisible.]

FAIRY.  You have courage, little Eliza.

ELIZA (showing relief).  Oh!  Are you here, good woman?

FAIRY.  Behold!

[The cave is filled with light; a beautiful Fairy is seen.]

ELIZA.  Ah!  I thought it was the Goody.

FAIRY.  No matter, dear child.  I knew you were to come here.

ELIZA.  I was afraid to enter.

FAIRY.  But you did enter.  Your love for your brothers was greater than your fear.

ELIZA.  It was that which gave me courage.

FAIRY.  It was a test of your courage.  And now I can tell you how to break the spell over your brothers.

ELIZA.  I will do whatever you say.

FAIRY.  You will suffer greatly.

ELIZA.  What matter, if I save my brothers!

FAIRY (nodding).  Then listen.  Do you see the stinging nettles which I hold in my hand?

ELIZA.  Yes, dear Fairy.

FAIRY.  You must gather great quantities of these.

ELIZA.  I noticed many of the same sort growing near this cave.

FAIRY (shaking head).  You must gather only those that grow in graveyards.

ELIZA.  It shall be exactly as you say, dear Fairy.

FAIRY.  The nettles will make blisters on your hands.

ELIZA.  I will not think of myself; I will think only of my brothers.

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