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SHOEMAKER.  It is all true, madam.

GRANDMOTHER.  No matter; Karen is to have black shoes.

(Taking up a pair of shoes.)

Here, this pair suits me exactly.

SHOEMAKER (surprised).  But, madam, those shoes are—­

KAREN (interrupting; whispering).  Hush, Shoemaker!  Do not tell her.  She can’t see very well.

GRANDMOTHER (giving shoes to Karen).  Are they of polished leather?  They shine as if they were.

KAREN.  Yes; they do shine.

(Trying on the shoes.)

And they just fit me, Grandmother.

GRANDMOTHER.  I will take them, Shoemaker.

SHOEMAKER.  But, madam—­

KAREN (interrupting; whispering).  Hush, Shoemaker!  She will never know the difference.

GRANDMOTHER.  Here is the money, Shoemaker.  Come, Karen.

SHOEMAKER.  But, madam—­

KAREN (interrupting).  I am ready, Grandmother.

GRANDMOTHER.  Good day, Shoemaker.

SHOEMAKER.  But, madam—­

KAREN (interrupting).  Good day, Shoemaker.

[The Grandmother and Karen go.]


TIME:  the next Sunday, after church
PLACE:  the Grandmother’s home.

* * * * *

              { Second.
              { Third.
              { Fourth.

* * * * *

[The NEIGHBORS sit with the GRANDMOTHER in the spare room because it is Sunday.]

FIRST NEIGHBOR.  I did not see you at church to-day, Grandmother.

GRANDMOTHER.  I could not go, but I sent little Karen.

SECOND NEIGHBOR (mysteriously).  Oh, yes; we saw her!  Everybody saw her!

GRANDMOTHER (proudly).  People do look at her; she is so pretty.

THIRD NEIGHBOR.  People didn’t look at her face to-day.

GRANDMOTHER (alarmed).  What do you mean?

THIRD NEIGHBOR.  Ask Karen when she returns.  We’re not the ones to carry tales.

GRANDMOTHER (looking out window).  Here she comes now!

FOURTH NEIGHBOR.  Just ask her about the sermon and the hymns!

GRANDMOTHER (proudly).  She will tell me almost every word the pastor said.  She is a smart girl—­that Karen.

[Enter KAREN.]

KAREN.  Well, Grandmother, here I am!  Good morning, Neighbors.

NEIGHBORS (coldly).  Good morning, Karen.

GRANDMOTHER.  Now tell me about the sermon, Karen.  What was the text?

KAREN (with confusion; stammering).  The text?  It was—­it was—­Oh, I will tell you all about it by and by, Grandmother.  Our Neighbors want to talk with you now.

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