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John Lord
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Love, the flower of Eden
The two Venuses of Socrates
The Venus Urania
The memory of Heloise cherished
Her birth and education
Her extraordinary gifts
Her aspirations
Peter Abelard
His wonderful genius
His early scholastic triumphs
Abelard at Paris
His wit and flippancy
His scepticism
His successes
His love for Heloise
His mad infatuation
Scandal of the intimacy
Disinterestedness of Heloise
Secret marriage of Abelard and Heloise
Marriage discovered
Retirement of Heloise and Abelard to separate convents
His renewed labors
His brilliant success
Persecution of Abelard
Letters to Heloise
Heloise cannot conquer her love
Her high social position
Her blameless life
Loves of Heloise and Abelard analyzed
Greatness of sentiment
Last days of Abelard
His retreat to Cluny
Peter the Venerable
Grief of Heloise


Heroic women.

Heroic qualities of women in the Middle Ages
Extraordinary appearance of Joan of Arc
Her early days
Her visions
Critical state of France at this period
Appreciated by Joan
Who resolves to come to the rescue of her king and country
Difficulties which surrounded her
Her services finally accepted
Her faith in her mission
Her pure and religious life
Joan sets out for the deliverance of Orleans
Succeeds in entering the city
Joan raises the siege of Orleans
Admiration of the people for her
Veneration for women among the Germanic nations
Joan marches to the siege of Rheims
Difficulty of the enterprise
Hesitation of the king
Rheims and other cities taken
Coronation of Charles
Mission of the Maid fulfilled
Successive military mistakes
Capture of Joan
Indifference and ingratitude of the King
Trial of Joan for heresy and witchcraft
Cruelty of the English to her
The diabolical persecution
Martyrdom of Joan
Tardy justice to her memory
Effects of the martyrdom


Religious enthusiasm.

Pleasures of the body the aim of Paganism
Aim of Christianity to elevate the soul
Mistakes of monastic life
The age of Saint Theresa
Her birth and early training
Mediaeval piety
Theresa sent to a convent to be educated
Her poor health
Religious despotism of the Middle Ages
Their gloom and repulsiveness
Faith and repentance divorced
Catholic theology
Theresa becomes a nun
Her serious illness
Her religious experience
The Confessions of Saint Augustine
The religious emancipation of Theresa
Her canticles
Her religious rhapsodies
Theresa seeks to found a convent

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